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Thread: Deciding on Bikes

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    I do not plan in taking it through fields I have an ATV for that. I want a bike to travel with that has good suspension for dirt roads and rough paved roads with a trip once a year out of state.

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    If you are ~160 lbs or less you might be okay with the stock suspension, I'm quite a bit larger so I invested in a system designed for my size.

    Made a huge difference for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkridia View Post
    I have been reading everything I can on adventure bikes and I have decided this is one to consider. I do have a couple of questions for those that ride this bike. First, what made you decide on this bike? Second question, what mods have you had to do to make it comfortable for you. (I am 5 foot 7) for comparison because I know if your 5' your probably put lowing blocks on it. Third question if you had to do it over would you buy this bike again if not why? The next question I have for now is how expensive are the parts to repair compared to say BMW or other bikes. Finally, how often do you have problems with the bike's engine or transmission?
    Thank you,
    Congrats on narrowing your decision to the NC700X or NC750X. It is a great bike, most of us on this forum use it as a "Commuter". There a smaller group that do use theirs for off-road use.

    Answer your questions:

    1. It was the Frunk (a.k.a Front Storage Compartment) and the DCT option that got me to consider and purchase this bike.

    2. I seriously lost count of how many accessories and upgrades I did to this bike after 30 items. Please refer to the below images.

    Deciding on Bikes-img_4673-jpg

    Deciding on Bikes-img_4674-jpg

    3. I would definitely purchase this bike again or another one if something were to happen to my current one. It is a reliable machine, has enough power to head down the highway and it is fun to ride, especially with the optional DCT. The center of gavity makes the bike manueverable in many riding situations. There's bunches of aftermarket accessories and a few good Hondaline accessories available for this bike too.

    4. I personally have not run into any sticker shock surprises when I take the bike to the dealer for scheduled maintenance that I do not perform myself. Most maintenance intervals are 8,000 miles apart and very on the recommended services to be performed.

    5. I personally have not encountered any major issues with the bike. It has been usually tires only and routine maintenance. I had to replace the 4-year battery not that long ago, other than that there has been nothing to report mechanical wise.

    I hope this information helps you with your motorcycle sole search.
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    What's your thoughts on having a DCT? I think that's a major factor for many. Not having to shift due to whatever reason(s) (carpal tunnel, bad foot, etc...) can be a deal-breaker with any other motorcycle as Honda is the only current brand offering this.

    If the DCT is not an issue, have you looked at the V-stroms? I really loved my V-strom 650. Most of the V-strom owners choose the 650 as they claim it's got plenty of power. The V-strom, IMO, is a much better off-road motorcycle.

    Then there's the Versys, which is more like the NC700. From the guys, the Versys handles better than the NC and V-strom, although the NC was pretty close. They also gave the NC a bump for better gas mileage, if that's a concern.

    So, unless you want a bigger motorcycle with more power, IMO, I think that these 3 mentioned in this post are the ones you should be looking at.

    ***I'll also mention the BMW's and the Triumphs, although I know little about them.

    Here's a decent review of the three mentioned above:

    2015 Urbane Adventurers Shootout - YouTube

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    I like this article. It helped me decide to buy two NC's. One each for my two oldest daughter's. One tours and the other is married and commutes to town and back. One is a standard and one a DCT. The one with the DCT wasn't sure if she would like the DCT. After one summer she loves it. She just rides and doesn't think about shifting.

    AltRider Taste of Dakar Rally 2013 - Honda NC700X Off-Roading

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    I have a three ring binder with 160 pages of every magazine or blog review of the NC700X that was in print and that I could copy up to about 2014. Also pages and pages of Honda technical papers related to it. That was collected just a little over 2 years. There are several shoot out type comparisons in there and honestly the NC almost always loses out, at least to the involved journalists, to another bike or bikes in class. I have my own set of criteria however and in my review these reviews are hopelessly narrow minded. Honda plowed their own furrow with the NC concept and IMHO there is nothing else in it's class so for me the qualities of the NC far outweigh the negatives. I rode every bike I considered the gang of suspects at least once (Weestrom 3 times and the Versys twice) and from my POV I'd rather own nothing else.

    In my case the NC does not have to do everything as I am blessed to own more than 1 motorcycle. What it does do though it does well and it's just quirky enough to fit my at times contrary nature. NC fits perfectly into my garage.


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