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Thread: Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.

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    Senior Member Saying goodbye after 5.71 years. happy's Avatar
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    Apr 2012

    Cool Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.

    Hello dear fellow owners of the NC7 series.
    After many moons (2086 days to be exact), I have done the inevitable.
    She is now gone from her normal sleeping space in the garage. She is in a "better" place.
    In her place, I have a brand new BMW GS Adventure Triple Black (all options included, life's short).

    I want to say a special goodbye to the Honda as she put me through many hours of happy riding (therefore my avatar name here).
    I will NOT miss her because in her final year with me, she has had a broken Tensioner, intermittent charging problems and basically "too little" power after ridden the AT and the GS.
    (For many riders here, I can agree with you that you have enough power from her. Lets leave it at that).

    So good bye Honda. Thanks for all the good times.

    I will still come around to this campfire (for the many who know me) and I wish you a nice day and more happy riding.

    Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.-img_20171129_100903-annonymised-jpg
    Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.-img_20171129_100802_hdr-jpg

    Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.-img_20171129_101352_hdr-annoynymised-jpg
    ~Happy Joe
    LIfe's short, stop writing and start riding ...
    if everyone thinks like me, there is no need for a forum...

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    Will miss you in the forum, but hopefully you will still come and visit..... congratulations on the new bike. looks like quite a bike!

    I won't say goodbye... just so long
    on NC700x, also have a VFR 750

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    Senior Member Griff's Avatar
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    Best of luck with it.
    It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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    Fixed Idea Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.
    Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.
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    I hope your new bike treats you better than the last one, ( ) and you have many years of HAPPY and safe riding ahead! Don't be a stranger, and keep us informed with all the cool things discovered with the new black beauty
    Chillin' with Cybersix and Data 7 in Meridiana

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    Commuter Extraordinaire Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.
    Saying goodbye after 5.71 years.
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    May 2013
    Cabot, AR
    New bike looks beautiful. Enjoy it and ride safe.

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    In your photo, you certainly look happy with your new BMW, Joe!

    Ride on, and report back from time to time, even on April 1 if you like. We're ready for you.
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    NanCyX . . . . . . . . . . The 250

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    Congratulations Joe. Miles of smiles for you!


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    How how will we have happy holidays with out Happy. No more crazy, crazies. If it was April fouls day, I would not even believe this post. HAPPY TRAILS TO HAPPY......
    Why not seize the pleasure at once? -- How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, and foolish planning? Just do it. Shut the frunk up and Ride !!!!!!!!!!

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    Good luck Happy.....
    2012 NC700X 37000 and counting
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    MPG? forget about it.....?

    2018 Yamaha Super Tenere ES....

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    Happy..........maybe you could open up a "Starbucks Coffee" in Swisserland??
    Ride Far.........Ride Safe!!!

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