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Thread: Camera questions

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    Senior Member Camera questions
    Camera questions

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    Camera questions

    Hey, all you nc700 videographers.
    I have a GoPro and a Möbius. Which would you recommend for video recording on the NC - long road trip and some scenery?
    And.. What's the best mounting method and mounting location for general cruising? I cannot seem to find a flat spot anywhere that is not blocked by something.
    Thanks for your opinions.
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    I use a chest mount. It is a little below my line of sight but seems to work.
    I do not like the idea of having something on my helmet, though the Sena 20c is pretty sweet.
    Not much room on NC handlebars for a mount. I tried mounting it on my windshield, but it was too bouncy.]

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    I just have a cheap GoPro "copy" camera, but it uses similar mounts, I clamp it to my left side mirror stalk, works okay.
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    I recently used the chest mount for the GoPro on a dirt bike ride a week ago and was very happy with the results. Picture was very stable and easy to watch.

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