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Thread: Revised Braking Technique

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    Well, I'm going to call my attorney and start a class-action lawsuit....Honda told me they were linked!

    Wee, Cheetem, & Howe if anyone is interested in joining ;-)
    Rob in New England
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    Good info in this thread but my favorite line in the whole thing was;

    'Last edited by dduelin; Today at 05:46. Reason: gramer and speling '

    'Wee, Cheetem, & Howe' runs a close second...

    Now that is good stuff........
    I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.
    The idea is to die young as late as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtFlier View Post
    If you want even tire wear, get a Rokon Trailbreaker. :-)
    Hey I got one!

    The 1st gen NC have a delay valve while 2nd do not indicating to me the 1st are linked brakes and the 2nd are not.
    The ABS MOD are the 'brains' of both.

    I'm still going to use front only braking but my wheels don't hold pressure well and the other sets were not maintained
    as I should have but am keeping these at 36/42 religiously.

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