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Thread: What's on your motorcycle

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    Bike: 2012 NC700x
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    Jul 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by NCX-Tom View Post
    Hallo, Erik,

    checked the link on several pcs with no problem. Got a few replies with the same problem from this forum . Did You try to open the homesite: ? Or try to open it by google.

    Greetings from Germany
    Got it now. Thanks. Beautiful bike. Love the black. Nice mods!

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    Senior Member What's on your motorcycle SilverRocket's Avatar
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    West Los Angeles, California
    I added a Givi Monolock E370 Tech. It's about as big as I felt I could go with the 22 pound limit on my bike's factory carrier.
    Not crazy about the Monolock, as it needs the key in it to close it, but at least it's lightweight.
    It holds a 12 pack of Stone IPA and rib eye, so I no longer need the car to pick up some beer!
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    North Carolina
    2014 NC700X used mainly as a mule to take me camping to fishing holes and mountain trails of which I do alot of trail running.

    Necessary farkles:

    Madstad gen 2 wind screen
    Barkbuster hand guards
    Oxford heated grips and ambient temp gauge
    Extenda fenda
    SW Motech engine guards
    LED driving lights with Skeen controller
    throttle lock (for poor boys cruise control)
    Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires
    Givi V35 Monokey side cases
    Givi V47 top box
    Yoshimura carbon exhaust can
    Puig rear tire hugger
    Honda center stand
    Flea-bay rad guard

    The last pic is in front of my house...(haha)

    What's on your motorcycle-wp_20170430_11_50_35_pro-jpg

    What's on your motorcycle-wp_20160510_004-jpg

    What's on your motorcycle-wp_20160515_004-jpg
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    Nice spread there Mr Biltmore......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jguarfn28 View Post
    Nice spread there Mr Biltmore......
    err, it's Mr. Vanderbilt.
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    Winston-Salem, NC
    What's on your motorcycle-fb_img_1502495145844-jpg

    Let's see if I can remember it all
    Oxford heated grips
    Center stand
    Sargent seat
    Yoshi Stainless Exhaust
    Outback Trekkers 37 lt
    Shinko 705s
    Denali D4 lights
    SW Motech Crash bars and Engine guard
    Garmin GPS

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something
    Red 2015 NC700X
    White 2015 PCX150

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    Leesburg Florida USA
    I bought my 2012 NC700X about 6 months ago with 9600 miles on it. After some routine maintenance, I have installed GIVI TN1111 engine guards (installed longer mounting bolts), Pyramid fender extender (glued on with Gorilla 2 part epoxy), and installed after market center stand. The center stand is OK, but I wish I had purchased the genuine Honda item instead. The aftermarket one works fine, but not the quality of the OEM item. I am planing on istalling some 2 inch round LED spot lights on the bike which I hope to mount to the GIVI engine guard. I use my bike purely for pleasure riding (rides under 50 miles usually). I tried uploading a couple of images but had no luck. Sorry....
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    The only Mod I regret was the Honda light bar... Tossed them into the Shed..... Just never liked the look of them...
    2012 NC700X 37000 and counting
    best MPG

    2005 Suzuki Hayabusa
    24000 and counting
    MPG? forget about it.....?

    2018 Yamaha Super Tenere ES....

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    What's on your motorcycle-1541626_2-jpg

    Bark Busters Storm
    SW Motech Skid Plate
    Hepco and Becker Crash Bars
    AltRider Radiator Guard
    Givi Halogen Lamps
    Zero Gravity Windscreen
    Honda Center Stand
    Givi Dolomiti Paniers and Top Case
    SW Motech footpeg
    Honda 12V socket
    Garmin GPS and Mount
    Ebay seat cushion

    Not pictured:
    TKC80 front and rear
    Honda OEM tall windscreen
    MRA-X touring windscreen extension

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    Senior Member What's on your motorcycle MalcolmReynolds's Avatar
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    Well I have put a bunch of stuff on the bike much like everyone else here. Let me post the stuff that I either regret, or it was negligible and I probably wouldn't do it again.

    I wish I had gotten the larger Givi V35 bags instead of the slightly smaller Kappa 33L bags. I was trying to keep the bike narrow, but the small difference between the V35 vs the K33n's is so small I should have just went with the slightly bigger bags. No show stopper, but hey if I were doing it over the V35's would be what I would get. More saddlebag space is always welcomed.

    Aftermarket exhaust. I went with the Delkevic aftermarket exhaust as I didn't care for the look of the stock exhaust. The Delkevic exhaust itself is fine, looks nice, seems well built etc. Also was wanting a little more growl to the exhaust without it being louder. Well the exhaust sorta does that. I leave the baffle in it to keep the noise down because frankly I like the bike quiet. Electric quiet would suit me just fine! LOL So the change of the exhaust while it does change the appearance if I had to do that one over I would probably would not buy the aftermarket exhaust as the bang for the buck ratio just is "meh". Not a regret per se, but given what I prefer at the moment I probably wouldn't buy it again.

    Cheap eBay hand guards. These things were like $15 and they don't look horrible so I was OK with buying them with the idea of protecting my hands from some of the weather and possibly later adding the heated grips. Well I also purchased a Madstad windshield which I tend to prefer in an up and angled back orientation which causes my hand guards to hit the shield if you want to turn hard to the left near full lock. So I would love to find a different set of hand guards that won't hit the windshield. I don't know if this is going to mean replacing the Madstad windshield with something that has the cutouts so that I can turn full lock of if I can find hand guards that will clear my windshield. So this one is a mixed bag. I probably would hold out and not buy these cheap hand guards and look to see if I can get some barkbusters or equivalent that will clear the windshield when back at an angle and height I like.

    If I end up having to replace the Madstad shield to get that clearance then I will be marking that one down as a regret. Jury is still out if that will be the case. The addition of risers helped give me a more room for turning, but still not enough. So for the time being I am not able to angle the windshield back as much as I would like or to raise it quite as much as I would like in order to not have the interference with the hand guards.

    Most of the other things I bought have either been keepers or stuff that is still sitting in my project box to get done so I can't comment on those things yet. In the positives column having the seat rebuilt by Russel, lowering pegs, risers and an adjustable windshield are at the top of my list of must haves for this bike and my own comfort. I am a taller guy with a long inseam so these are high on my farkle list for every bike I buy as I am always looking for leg room.

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