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Thread: Anyone to the Blue Ridge Parkway?

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    Anyone to the Blue Ridge Parkway?

    My wife and I came down from North Central Pennsylvania to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway on Saturday and Sunday.

    While pulling out from an overlook towards the lower part of North Carolina on Sunday I saw what I believed, at such a quick glance, to be a black NC700X.

    Any of our NC brothers or sister visiting the Parkway this past Sunday?

    The BRP would be a great ride on the NC.

    469 miles with approximately 280 overlooks to stop and admire the mountains and valleys.

    Two lane, all twisty, no telephone or power poles, no stop signs or traffic lights, very little homes or other buildings.

    I told my wife, if the NC had an aftermarket seat, I would be down hear in a heart beat riding this on the bike.

    How many here have been on the Parkway or have rode the entire length?

    God bless!!


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    I was on the southern portion a couple times last year. Once on my CB500X and once on my NC700XD. I rode the entire length once south to north and then Skyline Drive and up into Pocono PA for a business meeting. Also took a side trip to Dingmans Ferry while I was there. That was along time ago like maybe 1998 on my '77 Yamaha XS1100. I throughly enjoyed that trip. Maybe it's time to do it again. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Many times between Cherokee and Bearwallow Gap MM 469 to MM 90.

    This weekend a bunch of us will be in the area for KSL 8. Return to the Land of the Dragon...again....2017


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    I've ridden parts of the BRP a few time, on my NC and before that a VTX1300. The cruiser was comfier, but the NC was more fun.
    Don't forget about the 40 miles of Skyline Drive from Front Royal, VA down to Afton. That's a really nice road too.
    We rode down to The Tail of the Dragon and drove much of the Parkway there and back.

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    Did it end to end a couple of years ago. Almost time to do it again.
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    On my way to do just that next week, the very whole thing on a NC...

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    I've done the hole thing several times. I done from Little Switzerland to Cherokee many times. Like to stay at either Little Switzerland or Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground. Did 200 miles from Asheville to Fancy Gap last Thursday. Totally fogged in when I got up Friday morning so I dropped down into the valley to continue north.

    Thursday I might have seen a red one going south a bit north of Asheville. I was leaned over in a curve and he was in a group so didn't get a good look.
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    I did it and and the Skyline on a bicycle in the 70's, from Tallahassee and back.

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    Did the whole parkway last year in May for my test run of going to California in June last year all on my nc700x. Live in east Asheville less than 5 miles away from it. I take it on my long way home from work many times, like today. Up part of town mnt rd, over to elk mnt to parkway and back get off at hwy 74. They were paving elk mnt road today and had to sit and wait for 10 mins for the follow me truck.

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    We ran it in the car.
    Fortunately we did so.
    We first drove the Skyline Drive section.
    30 minutes before we arrived at the north end it started raining.
    Rained the entire day Friday on Skyline Drive.

    Even in the rain and all the fog (okay, mist!) it was fun running it.
    Now I am trying to set a date to run it by bike.

    For a car to get on Skyline Drive it is $25.
    For a motorcycle it is $20.
    No fee to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway.
    Fees - Visit Skyline Drive
    And the fee paid for Skyline Drive is good for 7 days.
    You can drive it for free for 7 days by retaining the receipt they give you and showing it at the booth.
    There are around 75 overlooks to stop at on Skyline Drive.
    Each has a pullover or pull off area.
    With no to few stops (or a couple quick pull in, gawk, pull out) it is about a 3.5 hour drive.
    Plan for at least 4 hours if you want to be safe time wise.
    Skyline Drive is listed as 105 miles.

    Both Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway have concrete mile markers or mile posts.
    On both drives they are on the west side of the road and are generally easily seen.
    When we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway some were partially covered by tall grass in front of them.
    I feel during the Summer or more regular time to travel the Parkway they keep the grass down in front of them making viewing easier.
    There is a book or magazine for the Blue Ridge Parkway that I recommend to first time riders especially.
    It contains various locations such as campgrounds and exit/entrance locations all marked by the mile posts.
    Plus, it contains locations, by mile posts, that you may want to stop and see.

    And here is a big one, there is very little cell service on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
    It seems the higher you go the worse it gets.
    You can look over at (or down on!) several towers but service is very spotty.
    We have Verizon and found this.

    If you are traveling and looking for a place to stay for the night we highly recommend the Park Vista Motel on Park Vista Road RIGHT OFF the Parkway at mile post 268.
    Right off the Parkway so quick on and quick off.
    Very secluded so you feel comfortable with your bike and any belongings outside.
    Park Vista Inn & Restaurant-Blue Ridge Parkway Hotel and Dining
    The rooms were very clean and very big.
    Great restaurant right in front of it.
    Gas stop 6.5 miles away.
    It is a single road off the parkway (not a cross road) and easy to miss.
    If driving south as soon as you come to the church on the right (west side) slow up and be looking.
    Whamo!!! you are past it.
    Very few stops on the parkway to get fluids (for yourself, not the bike) so I recommend you take several water, juice, or soda bottles from the start.
    The only place for fuel actually on the parkway (according to the sign out front) is Big Matthew Lodge or Resort or whatever!
    No clocks in the room and no night light to find the potty in the dark so be ware.
    We used the cell phone for our alarm and kept the potty light on with the door almost closed for a light.

    The Virginia/North Carolina line is around mile post 216.
    NC contains the large portion of the Parkway.

    I wanted to share some of this for first time riders of the Parkway.

    God bless and safe riding!!

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