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Thread: How to activate that flashing red HISS light again?

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    How to activate that flashing red HISS light again?

    Hi all!

    Just a thingy that came to my thoughts today...

    When I bought the bike (new), every time when I turned the ignition off, in the dashboard (left corner I believe) a little red light flashes for 24 hours, acknowledging that Honda's HISS is activated. After having the bike serviced for the first time (1000 kms / 650 mls), that red light never flashed again. It's just a small thing which doesn't affect the bike whatsoever, but I kinda miss that little red flashing light.

    Anyone know the solution for this perhaps?

    SORRY... SOLVED... Have been looking over it. Found it in the User Manual on page 120...
    Turn ignition ON, putt distance meter to ODO, press and hold LEFT button for two seconds, HISS light flashes once, release button, turn ignition OFF. DONE.
    Same procedure to deactivate the HISS light.
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    Senior Member How to activate that flashing red HISS light again?
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    What's a HISS light?
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    HISS is a security system. Not on American NC's. I think it's on Canadian and European models.

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    @rpvanoyen: thanks for this!

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