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Thread: 2016 Honda NC700X Long-Term Review

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    Senior Member 2016 Honda NC700X Long-Term Review
    2016 Honda NC700X Long-Term Review
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    [...the one spoken comment about "starting out by cutting a Jazz engine in half" has moved into urban legend...]

    The Jazz is called the Fit here and when the NC was first released, I looked at the bore & stroke specs and saw they were different than the Fit. The two engines do share some concepts and ideas but not actual parts. Mine is a DCT model and I love it more with each mile but you have the put the manual trans/clutch idea out of your mind when you start to ride a DCT bike. Of course, if you keep comparing it with a manual transmission bike you may never be happy! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dduelin View Post
    The late Kevin Ash published a circumspect review at the time as did the British magazine BIKE.

    Honda NC700X | Ash On Bikes is now unavailable, but there is still Google's cache of Kevin Ash's great article on the NC700

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigGuppy View Post is now unavailable, but there is still Google's cache of Kevin Ash's great article on the NC700
    This is a little easier to read on my devices:

    Honda NC700X | Ash On Bikes

    RIP Kevin Ash. His review helped me buy my 2012 before they were on the boat to the USA.


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    Just read Kevin Ash's review of the NC.
    Thanks for posting it.
    Even Mr. Ash mentioned the seat issues - slope and slippery.
    If they would have flattened it from the start maybe they could have actually pulled away from using the common Honda 3.7 gallon tank and expanded it to 4.0 to 4.2 gallons.
    With that amount I could hit 300 miles on a tank.
    On that small of a tank!!
    It was a great review and now having owned a 2013 NC700X for almost 4 years I can say his review was spot on.
    I have really enjoyed the NC from day 1.

    We also have a Triumph Tiger 800 XRX.
    This is not much of a 2 up touring bike as with the NC.
    So I am looking at the Triumph Trophy, a 2003 BMW R1150R (with panniers and backrest /rack for passenger) for sale presently, and a bike from our past we loved and regretted trading, a Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe.
    But no matter what happens, I want to retain the NC for all that it is.
    Not, as what many might say, what it is not.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing the reviews.
    It was fun reading them again.
    Long live the Honda NC700!

    God bless!!


    DD - Are you the BMW man?
    2003 BMW R1150R Stock: F47147 | Europa Macchina
    This look to you like it has potential?

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    After many years, getting ready to buy motorcycle #20....however, keeping the NC700X cause it's the best all around motorcycle I've owned. No other bike that I've spent time with will tour, canyon carve, run errands, ride two-up and do it all so comfortably and economically. Also, the available aftermarket parts will convince you that you can modify this bike without compromise.

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    Eric Steele:

    Totally agree.
    Well stated.
    As only a Steele could do!

    God bless!!

    Michael Steele

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    Great info thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by dduelin View Post
    It is nice to see the NC700X mature into a bike with it's own place in the crowded middle weight class. When it first came out it was constantly reviewed in 2012 ...As the 700 or 750 it's been Honda's top selling motorcycle in Europe for 4 years and often still in the top three models of all brands sold month over month. ...
    Honda NC700X | Ash On Bikes
    Great info, thanks! Just bought a used 2012 last week with 33K miles on it and badly in need of maintenance. Adjusted the valves, oil change lube everything and running great!

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    Years ago I read an article that AMA Hall-of-Famer Craig Vetter wrote (or commented on, i don't remember now). Vetter commented about the amazing MPG the NC was capable of right out of the box! He also mentioned how comfortable it seemed, how well it rode/handled for a taller guy and that all rung my bell. I set out to find one to check out and i came to a screeching halt when i saw the price tag!

    As the years past i kept checking on them every once in a while and noticed the prices coming down but still remaining out of my reach until Feb 2018 when i scored mine, a 2012 i stole from the original owner with 1702 miles for $2,500! It was completely stock and he had done absolutely nothing to it. It had never been serviced with it's first oil change yet nor even had it's chain adjusted. The guys was a grad student, he was graduating at the University in Pullman Washington and no longer needed it. !!..Yipee zip Skippy for me..!!

    Prior to me buying it i had never ridden one nor even seen one in the wild. I totally trusted Vetters recommendation and grabbed it! I had cash in hand ad the guy let me take it for a test ride. I returned with a huge grin on my face....SOLD!!

    Now nearing the end of my second season on it I am at about 18k miles, my third set of tires(mounting my 4th rear anyday), my second chain, my 4th and last seat(RDL now). To reiterate what others have all said, i am so pleased with the NC in every way. I am excited to put 100k on it and beyond! :{)
    Fiat Justicia et Peret Mundus = Do the Right thing, Come what May!

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