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Thread: How much do you pay to get tires mounted?

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    It was a slow day at work today so i called arround to a bunch of different shops and most places were charging $55 or more per wheel when they are off the bike.

    It makes $77 for both seem not too bad.

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    I'll see how much work it is to do myself or my neighborhood car tire place does mine for $10 each.

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    I had mine mounted for 50chf (about 50usd) for both tyres.
    They were done by a milk farmer (I am not kidding) who had a part-time job as a tyre mounting service, associated with an online tyre selling website.
    Reifen online @ Winterreifen, Sommerreifen, Pkw-Reifen und Reifenhandel

    The tyres were much cheaper there than local shops.
    I think local shops would have charged about 100chf service charge to mount them. 5chf to recycle the old tires.

    However, I had mine done in a dusty old barn. get what you paid for.
    ~Happy Joe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildfire View Post
    I don't currently have tools and need to put my new tires on. I called the shop to see how much it would cost to get the new rubber put on the rims with the wheels already off the bike and was told $77.50 + tax.

    Over $80 to mount two tires seems pretty excessive. Especially since getting four truck tires mounted and balanced was $40.

    Is that a normal cost? If it is I can see why people go through the trouble of dooing their own tires.
    Don't be cheap, pay the man the money. I just changed the tires on my NC the other day, but if I had someone near by that did such a thing for $80 a pair off the bike, I'd use them.

    Either that or go out and buy yourself some tire irons.

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    I just had a set mounted and balanced for my NC about a month ago. Cheapest I could find was $80, and that was off the bike.

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    Fortunately I ride with a couple of guys with machines, there is the manual tyre changing machine you can buy, if you buy tyres from Cycle gear and many independnt shops they give you a break like $25-? you mount and balance. Tubeless rim tyre mounting is difficult, shop around for a

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    My tire dealer mounts free when you buy the tires from him. Off the bike wheels.

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    #1 Elite How much do you pay to get tires mounted?
    How much do you pay to get tires mounted?
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    Tire changes are free at beemerphile's...

    How much do you pay to get tires mounted?-img_1341-jpg
    Motorcycle don't lie!

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    My tire shop charged $15 per tire if they're off the bike. This was for my 250 Virago before I got the NC. I suppose they'd mount them for free if you buy the tires from them as they do with automobiles.

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    Senior Member How much do you pay to get tires mounted?
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    $25 per wheel, if they are off the bike.

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