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Thread: fuel gauge

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    fuel gauge

    When I hit the red bar, I no longer see the mileage, is there a way to change this?
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    Fixed Idea fuel gauge
    fuel gauge
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    Quote Originally Posted by drdubb View Post
    When I hit the red bar, I no longer see the mileage, is there a way to change this?
    You mean the tripmeter? No, unfortunately that defaults to the volume countdown only, I believe.

    I wanted a gear indicator on my '12 manual trans, and ground my teeth a bit when Honda put them on on the newer models, but discovering the diddling of the tripmeter when going to reserve was part of the new package, I was happy to do without. That would drive me nuts, personally. My stupid BMW did a similar thing except in a mileage countdown, and I utterly despised it.
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    I've had both types of instrument indications on a '12 and '15 and kind of like the countdown. You can always scroll back to the trip meter to see the miles even though it does not stay in view. The first gen only shows the trip meter, no choice there.


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