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Thread: Been away for a while, what's with all the ads?

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    Been away for a while, what's with all the ads?

    So I have been away for a few months, mostly out riding.
    Just came back yesterday for a bit, and now again today, to check things out.
    Mostly interested in anything anyone knows about the possible introduction of the X-ADV here in the US.

    But I also notice a *Hellacious* amount of advertisements, not only in general but embedded within posts.
    What's up with that?
    It's seriously annoying, and at this rate really does diminish any interest I have in hanging out here.

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    A 'free' forum is not exactly free. The ads pay for it (hopefully). You can always upgrade for a small amount to get rid of the ads.
    It seems only fair to me. Commercial TV is free, but I rarely watch it. Netflix and others charge a fee but I enjoy it much more.
    Thanks for the impetus. I just now upgraded my Tapatalk subscription.

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    If it is that annoying, suggest turning on your ad blocker, or installing AdBlock Plus. The later works well in this situation.

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    Second Adblocker plus. I see no ads - so much better!

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