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Thread: Greetings from Toasty Tucson

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    Cool Greetings from Toasty Tucson

    Hi All, As I tell my friends, I am in pursuit of my "last 2 wheeled motorcycle". I now ride a Kawasaki Versys 650, but it is getting a little too top heavy for me. My plan is to buy a Honda 700x DCT ABS. So.... I am sure I will have some questions while doing my search. The two wheeled part just means that if my balance goes out at a later date, I will probably be looking at Can-Ams. As you can tell I am determined to keep riding until I become a danger to myself and others. I am currently 71.

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    I can relate, I'll be 68 in a couple weeks.

    One of the things we all love about the NCs is that they have a low center of gravity. They're not light but feel light and flickable, brilliant Honda design.

    Some of the prices people are asking for the 700 seem high when there are plenty of new 750Xs around for cheap. But obviously it depends on what you want and can afford.

    I flew to Tuscon to buy my new 2018 (non-DCT) two months ago because it was $1K cheaper than the best I could do here. Paid $7400 OTD at RideNow Tuscon East.
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    Not far behind you cjc. 71 in four months. You'll enjoy the DCT.

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    Before buying my 2016 NC700DCT I had looked at several other bikes like the Versys, the Yamaha Tracer 900, etc. Not only did the weight turn me off, but the seat heights, prices and heavy clutches all steered me towards the NC.

    There are few NC DCT's in California. I was looking for a new 2018 in red and the closest one is in Utah!
    And Cycletrader shows just 3 blue NC750DCT's within a reasonable (40 miles) distance. Which means maybe one of those is still available. I will probably wait until I see what the 2020 bike will look like.

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    Welcome to the ride CJ! I spent most of the 80's in Tuc-Son(i lived in Marana and commuted). Lots of great riding around there. I really liked the road up A mountain, the old road up and over to Old Tucson, of course the "River Rd" and up to Mt Lemon. Many others as well, those were just off the top om me old head! There are alway great deals on the NC's on Craig's list as well as Cycle Trader and possibly the Dandy Dime in your area if that is still circulating haha! :{)
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    Well I just turned 60 and rode my stock NC700x up Mt. Lemmon the normal route and then back down the fire road to Oracle. This was on the street tires but the low center of gravity made it relatively easy although I doubt I will do it again!


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    Happy birthday, Joe!
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