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Thread: Hello All From San Francisco

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    Hello All From San Francisco

    My name is Lamar (23) and i bought my first bike (NC700X 2014) in August of last year. At first, my ultimate plan was to purchase a scooter. I just wanted something where i never had to worry about parking. I never used the car we have, because i was always afraid i would come back to an hour of looking for parking. So i never really went anywhere. I was looking into scooters for three reasons. 1.) Cheap 2.) Storage 3.) Easy to ride (No clutch) THEN my best friend ended up getting a cbr300. I couldnít ride around with him on a scooter, so I started looking at motorcycles. Iím very happy I made that decision. Without a clutch, I didnít have much of a choice, so I found the CTX700. I went to the dealer to take a look, and there, i was introduced to the NC700X. Fell in love with it. Kept going back to see it, and a couple months later I decided to walk in and buy it. Same day, a guy walked in 5 minutes after I did, and was looking to purchase the same bike. Safe to say it was meant to be.

    I love riding it around the city, over the bridges, and avoiding all the bumper to bumper traffic on my way to work, and just on my daily rides. I do have a couple of questions...

    1. Iíve recently gotten comfortable having a passenger on the back of my bike. Does the height of the bike need to be adjusted when riding with a passenger? I know some bikes do. For this one, all i ever find is the psi for the tires.

    2. The bike is coming close to its 8k mile service. I would like to learn how to do my own work on the bike, whatís the best way to do this with no prior knowledge at all? Should i take it in for this one, and moving forward, learn how to do the work myself?

    3. Since Iím new here, is there anywhere I can go to just ask away with any questions I have?

    I donít want to make this too long so i will leave it at that. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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    Welcome. This is a very good bike to start on. The first thing you should do is get a shop manual. Search this site for more information.

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    Thank you. I will definitely look into this.

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    Welcome. I'm in San Francisco occasionally. I'm in Indiana but my daughter is a lawyer for CISCO Systems in Palo Alto so I fly into town, not ride. I'd bet that SF and the whole Bay area would be great to travel around with an NC700/750x DCT.

    Glad to have you join us.

    Buy a shop manual.

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    Welcome to the RIDE!! :{)
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    Welcome aboard, the NC's are great bikes, especially for beginners. As for a place you can ask questions, you can ask them all right here for now. Unless you are noticing ill effects while carrying a passenger, I probably wouldn't worry about altering anything on the bike, you are probably good to go.

    As for the service, if an oil change is all you need, now is a good time to learn. Grab the filters and some Honda GN4 oil from your dealer and do it yourself.

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    Hello All From San Francisco

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    Welcome from Olympia. I agree with the all of the comments above. You will also find YouTube videos that will show you exactly how to perform many of the basic maintenance services. The shop manual for the bike will actually have chapters in it that are intended to help those who are just getting started in servicing their bikes. Some even have a rating system that shows how difficult a specific project can be.

    The bottom line is, even the best mechanics out there were rookies at one time.

    Get the manual. Get some tools. Have fun with the bike.

    And RIDE.
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    Congratulations on the motorcycle and welcome to the forum.

    I had ridden dirt bikes and friends motorcycles but my NC is the first motorcycle I've owned and the first motorcycle I've worked on, either through luck or good research you've got a good motorcycle for both.
    I've helped others work on their motorcycle, I've not seen anything easier to work on other then smaller or dirt bike style motorcycles, even then it's not always easier

    As the others have said get what tools and supplies you need, check out a YouTube video, the biggest thing is don't rush.

    You can do a regular web search and add NC forum to the search bar and usually something from this forum will pop up, light upgrades, maintenance question whatever

    The are plenty of very knowledgeable people happy to help here so ask away if you aren't able to find an answer
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