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    The NC700 is no Gold Wing but she can still go places. Where is the furthest youíve taken yours? What about the stock nc700 would you change to make the trip more enjoyable?

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    I rode about 150 miles without stopping, coming down from Los Alamos. About 70 mph. But I wasn't comfortable for portions of the ride.

    While my Puig windscreen and windscreen attachment help keep the wind blast from its worst there can be some noise from any sidewinds. Enough to where I try to wear earplugs, which I find uncomfortable. I tried Eargasms but they have a hard center filter. While effective they began to irritate after about 50 miles of riding. But this could be an issue with any motorcycle.

    The main thing I've noticed is that like a lot of riders, to get comfortable, the bars need to go up and back a little. I had a friend take photos of me from the side, mounted up, ready to ride and my posture was just not correct. Too hunched forward. To get in a proper position we figured my hands needs to be about 2 inches closer and a little higher than where my grips are now. This is why when I go on longer rides I'm constantly moving around, trying to stretch to ease the discomfort. So risers might help.

    Same thing with my legs. I tend to not keep my toes on the pegs and move my feet further forward. I think it might be help if I lower the pegs. Or maybe raise the seat with of those expensive air pads. Not sure if I want to add the weight of bars and front cruiser highway pegs.

    One thing that really helps is a new seat, and this is the case with any non-touring bike, for lots of riders. I got the Sargent seat and have no butt issues.

    MY bike has a vibration that starts at exactly 71 mph in 6th gear, so might consider changing the front or rear sprocket to see if I can lower the rpms enough where it would be smooth at that commonly-driven speed. This could be the only thing that is really my bike's fault, as other riders, of different sizes and builds, might not have the same comfort issues.
    But generally, with all bikes including the NC, for distance riding you need to change the stock windscreens and seat. If you don't it's probably because you are exactly the same size, shape and build as the motorcycle company's test riders!

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    When I had mine (prior to my current version) I took it on an 800km one day trip. I could have done more but my *** was suffering a bit towards the end of the day. That bike had also been fitted with the Honda touring screen.

    Tbh I would take this bike to the end of the world and back. Many folks have done so and their accounts are peppered all over Youtube. See YouTube as is posted on here on another thread.

    My changes would be to replace the shock, get the forks revalved and improve the seat. This is imho one of Honda's milestone motorcycles in all its forms but especially so in the NC version. .
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    There are members here that have done probably 8000 mile trips on the NC700X. One example is Chicago, IL to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Another member readily rises across the country from Oregon. The bike can do the job. Luggage, a good seat, and some wind protection are good add-ons.

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    There are loads of posts from owners who have taken very long trips on the NC. My trips, while long for me, can’t compare.

    I gave up my Gold Wing simply due to the bulk and weight becoming more than I was comfortable handling. But I certainly didn’t give up touring. I just had to make the NC comfortable enough (for me). I call my NC my “Winglet” now and I would take it anywhere.

    It just comes down to what YOU need to be comfortable on the bike mile after mile. The bike will do anything you want. And what is necessary in the way of mods is pretty subjective. For me, it was a mod to the seat, a new windscreen, and risers. Those I considered “necessary”. I’ve done much more but everything since then is just fluff that adds to the enjoyment of the NC. Just take things one at a time and go take some trips. Each time you do you’ll discover something else you might like to do to the bike for the next ride. Some of it necessary for you some of it just to make things more fun.

    All of the above could apply to just about anything on two wheels. Enjoy your travels - on whatever you ride!

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    Everyone else has hit the farkles for touring. Seat, bar risers / bar backs, windscreen, and luggage would be my first four farkles for touring.

    Bear in mind, Rob (LDRider) did a full-edition Iron Butt on his NC. His bike was totally tricked out for long distance riding - including an auxiliary fuel tank. The Iron Butt event generally requires something like 8-10 consecutive 1,000-mile days.

    There is another fellow who posts on Advrider that did the "I've Been Everywhere, Man" tour on his NC in which his mission is to hit every city in the Johnny Cash version of said song. That's a lot of cities and a lot of miles.

    The NC is definitely capable.
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    there new several accounts of taking the NC to South America. Many cross country trips. I've done a 6500 mile trip with several 500plus days.
    Wind screen (Madstad), bar risers, highway pegs, saddle mods ( I used the Seat Concepts Low cover)

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