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Thread: Considering the NC700x. Currently on a PC800

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Rider View Post
    Gonna be hard to replace the Pacific Coast. They were ahead of their time.
    Honda has done a lot of things ahead of their time. I'd love to get my hands on a Honda City/Motocompo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ld_rider View Post

    What is your inseam? How much do you weigh all geared up? The wife?

    The NC has about the same wheel base as your PC does but will probably be more crowded. The PC800 might seem like a comfy Lazy Boy compared to the relatively cramped NC, especially if you end up with panniers (takes away passenger leg room) and a top box. My daughter is about 5'7" and 130lbs and with the panniers and top box on we are pretty the point of banging helmets once in awhile. The passenger seat is about the size of a dinner plate.

    Seat height and comfort are a consideration to many. See the numerous threads on lowering the bike and improving the seat if either might be an issue.

    Compared to the PC the NC will have zero in the way of wind management and of course other than the funk, there is no storage.

    The fuel tank on the NC holds less than 4 gallons. Not an issue if you ride like grandma, but on a highway you can hit reserve in as little as 150 miles. That isn't an issue to a lot of riders, since well, NC riders aren't usually in a great hurry and if you baby it, 200 mile range is doable. This forum leads all other M/C forums on the planet with the number of Fuelly links in member's signatures. We are a frugal bunch ;-)

    The chain/sprocket maintenance might be something that you grow to despise after coming off a shaft drive. Others find it a soothing way to bond with their machine. Or something.

    A 670cc DCT weighs over 500 lbs wet and has about 45 hp or so....toss in a rider/passenger/ full tanks/panniers and well, you get the idea ;-) Since your PC isn't exactly a barn burner in the HP department either, that probably won't bother you too much, especially if most of your riding is solo.

    These motorcycles are so inexpensive used, that if you are serious you could probably pick one up, try it for a summer or so and if it doesn't work for you, sell it for a few hundred less than you paid.


    EDIT: You might want to check out the NT700V instead. It is the modern version of your PC800. Built in panniers, shaft drive, nice size fuel tank that carries over 5 gallons, ABS, 65hp, they have a lot going for them. Including 565 lbs of road-hugging weight ;-)
    The NT700V is really a 55 hp bike and is somewhat of a vibrator at speed. By the time you calculate the hp/weight ratio and compare fuel efficiency it's much different in range and performance than that of the NC700X but all the other positive attributes are accurate.


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    Thanks guys! All of your input was very helpful in my decision making process.

    I think I will continue to admire the NC7X from afar.

    As intrigued as I am by them, I just donít think itís the right fit for me and my preferences at the moment.

    I genuinely appreciate the honest feedback.

    The Engineering manager at my place of employment happened to have a meticulously maintained BMW R1100RS that he offered for sale... I bought it. Considering the NC700x. Currently on a PC800

    Now to go and learn everything I can about oilheads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thedudeabidesman View Post
    ... a meticulously maintained BMW R1100RS that he offered for sale... I bought it...

    Just kiddin'

    Congrats on your new bike, enjoy it! And make a tons of miles on it!
    And keep the rubber side down
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    Instead million dollars, give me million miles!

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    I’ve previously owned a 750 Nighthawk, a PC800 and an ST1100, as well as several KLRs and a DR350.

    I just got my (used) 2018 NC750X inspected and on the road today and put about 30 miles on it. The dct and modern abs brakes on that PC800 would have made it that all time perfect bike. Power and weight distribution is very similar.

    This bike already had Tourmaster Zaga side cases and I just ordered the OEM Honda rear rack and top case. With the frunk my amount of storage will be about equal or a bit more than the stock PC, though I had added a Givi top box on a home made rear rack when I had it. It was white and I had the Givi painted to match it at the time.
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    I had an NT700 and sold it when I bought the NC700 DCT. I have previously owned a PC800. I like the NC but missed the wind protection of the NT so I bought another NT and kept the NC as well. If you have room and $$ get both. I bought a 2011 NT700 ABS with 21,000 miles for $3,300 a year ago. To learn more about the NT from the people who ride them I suggest checking out Home | NT-Owners

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