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    New Maryland Member

    Hi everyone. I have a 2016 Honda NC700XD and seriously considering trading it for the African Twin DCT. Hoping to hear from other members whom may have made the same decision for their thoughts. Thank you!

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    New Maryland Member

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    Hey RWC..... Here's my 2 cents....

    There have been numerous chats/debates/discussions about the AT and NC but it really boils down to what you want to do with the bike. The NC and the AT are totally different machines.

    I have a 2015 NC700DCT (22,000 miles so far) and have decided that it is PERFECT for what I do - which is mainly commuting. While I sometimes dream of having more power, a bigger front wheel, more off-road capabilities, and more DCT Sport modes, etc - I have absolutely ZERO need for any of those things. My NC provides for fun while going back and forth to work, gives me joy in the twisties, and hauls my wife and I around while averaging 73+mpg. I can sit in heavy traffic and not strain my left hand by holding a clutch lever and I can touch the ground with both feet. I added bags, a bigger windscreen, lowering links, and a better seat to make life more comfortable but I would have to do the same things to the AT.

    So.... If you are looking for a completely capable commuter that can handle some gravel roads - the NC is hard to beat.

    If you want a bike with a bunch of power and true off-road capabilities, the AT would probably suit you better.
    Whichever way you go, Have fun - Go Ride

    PS - I bought my bike brand new and, after all the things I've done to it, I am only in it around $8500... and it's paid off..
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    ^^^^ What he said.

    I used mine for commuting for the past few+ years, and put over 40,000 miles on mine. That feeling of wanting more isn't crazy though and I actually did just recently move to a bigger bike to make my commute a little "more fun" and to also fill in the in-between time when I'm not riding my Aprilia Tuono V4 180hp missile but want something more fun than the NC700x on the back roads. The new bike isn't nearly as good, financially, as the NC700x for commuting though.

    So, basically, it all comes down to what you want to do with it and what you're willing to sacrifice to achieve that. I was willing to sacrifice financial responsibility to have a little more fun and capable motorcycle. I was also willing to give less time on the Aprilia by riding the new bike more. (BMW r1200gs)

    Just commute? Hard to beat the NC.
    Just commute and a little fun on the side, willing to sacrifice "exhileration" that power and more capable machines can bring? The NC700x is your bike.
    Want a bike that's more fun to ride? The AT. The sacrifice will be the maintenence will be more expensive and the bike more expensive to run.

    So, anyhow, tough choices man. The obvious one is, buy both!

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    If you haven’t already done so, browse the Non NC700 Motorcycle subforum and you’ll see a few threads discussing the Africa Twin.

    If I was serious about buying an Africa Twin, I’d keep the NC along with it. They are two different bikes that each could serve a purpose in the stable. (I, however, elected to go the other direction, adding a CRF250L Rally for adventure duty, rather that an AT).

    By the way, welcome to the forum!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RWC View Post
    Hoping to hear from other members whom may have made the same decision for their thoughts. Thank you!
    My guess is that most riders that sold their NC for an African Twin are no longer on this forum. I sold my Saab and bought a Tacoma and consequently I very rarely visit the Saab forums ;-)

    I think there are one (maybe two) guys that have moved to ATs and still hang out here once in awhile..

    You would probably get more info on the AT forum...

    The NC is a stylized street motorcycle with a completely different mission profile than the Dakar ready (almost) AT...
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    I know that several have done so, and haven't seen them around. Check out an AT forum.

    I thought about an AT, but I'm short its tall, I'm old and weak, its big and fact, I'm thinking of something smaller than the NC.
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