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    Introductory post


    Just picked up a new 2018 NC750X from Cycles of Jacksonville, FL. and I couldn't be more excited about it!

    That being said, first things first... a little about myself. I've been riding since I was 14 years old starting out with a Suzuki 80 then bought a 1972 Honda CL350 which I put many miles on during my high school years. After graduation, I rode it from Marietta, GA to San Diego, CA. and back. Other bikes I've owned were a Kawasaki 550 LTD, Honda V45 Magna, three different Honda ST1100's, 2006 Goldwing, and now the NC.
    To some reading this post wondering how you go from a Goldwing to an NC... Well that wasn't the plan until I was injured in an auto accident a couple of years ago. Hit from behind while driving my Pickup and have lingering neck injuries. No longer able to comfortably do long days in the saddle, long distance touring is over for me. I wanted to find a ride that would allow me to enjoy shorter jaunts around the NE Georgia mountains and take advantage of the forest service roads also. So there it is.
    I am a current member of St-owners forum, so some of you who visit that sight might recognize the avatar and the name. Yes I'm the same "Vinny". I'm used to doing my own maintenance and looking forward to learning all about this new lady!
    Looking forward to meeting some new acquaintances through this forum.
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    Welcome Vinny! That shop is the bomb, so is the woodshop, the garage, and the abode on the hill!

    I think you will find the NC a willing partner on the roads around you and for some distance riding as well. Though I have had an ST and now a Goldwing I never tire of riding the NC and especially up there in those hills you call home.


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    Iím also on the ST forum. Same name, different avatar. Iím not as active over there though.


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    Introductory post

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    Hey Vinny. I send you a welcome from the opposite corner of the USA (well, almost) in Olympia, WA. I hope you enjoy your new ride as much as I enjoy mine. Mine is a 2015 with over 24k miles on it now and I love every day spent in the saddle.
    I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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    First welcome from Canada . Very jealous of your garage...

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    The shop is even nicer in person! Iím considering an NC also, to add to the stable . Love my ST, but wife rarely rides now, and a low mileage 700 is looking like a good idea. Iíll keep the ST, but add a little brother! Glad to hear you are at least riding still.

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