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Thread: New Member, Long Time Rider

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    New Member, Long Time Rider

    Hello to All!
    I would like to introduce myself. I am a long time motorcycle rider, car & motorcycle mechanic, and Engineer. I see motorcycles and the sport from many perspectives. Street rider, dirt rider, ex-racer, and life-long enthusiast. I try to deal in facts, avoiding opinion where possible. I've had lots of "bikes" over the years and each one holds special memories.

    I picked up a low miles 2014 NC700X recently and decided to join this forum. I have found that forums like these hold invaluable info.

    Why the NC? Well, I sold my DRZ400SM to one of my boys. This left me without a spare bike for a visiting buddy to ride. A friend owned a NC and really likes it. So, while perusing Craigslist, the NC popped up. While it did need some attention (tires, lube, detailing, etc), the low miles and agreed upon price made it a non-brainer. Now I have a loaner bike and a casual ride to augment my ST1300.

    Thanks in advance for all the help members will provide. I will do my best to contribute also.

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    Welcome. I also have a drz, but I kept mine. I think the NC is about perfect for commuting and exploring back roads.]

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    Welcome. I owned an ST1300 for 13 years and 180,000 miles but just two weeks ago sold it. During the last six years the garage also had an NC700X alongside. Both NCxs have run up about 60,000 miles between them. I found the NCX a delightful contrast to the ST and now to a Goldwing.


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    New Member, Long Time Rider

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    Welcome aboard. I bought my first street bike when I lived in SD in '73 ( a CB400F ).

    Because it is so enjoyable, I bet you'll find yourself sneaking a ride on the NC on occasion - even though its a loaner for visitors. ;-)
    I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I too bought the NC to pair with my ST1300. I love the NC for commuting. The ST does great on long trips.
    Perfect complementary motorcycles.


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