I would stay in CA and ride there for a while. if SF means San Francisco (I used to live in Marin County) you have some of the BEST MC roads in the country. When it stops burning I would start to explore there. Get a copy of Destinationhighways.com Northern California book and map. Well worth the money and a lot of those roads are within a day or two of you. Truly great rides. If you get near to the Illinois/Wisconsin border I can set you up to a meal and bed. Also any maintenance needed from valve adjustment to a tire change. Ride local and read all you can in the meantime about gear/accessories and what is needed and what is nice to have. There will be much differing of opinions but it is what you think is best for you.
Luck to you
P.S. Don't over plan your trip. Leave up to 3 days extra in your time line. Use it for going an unplanned way, for bike maintenance, or just because you want to relax and recoup in a nice place.