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Thread: New Member, planning a RTW trip with the NC700X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc True View Post
    Wide foot pegs will help with control and comfort and are well worth the money.
    I'll definetely need some wider pegs!

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc True View Post
    A comfortable seat is necessary for any long distance travel. The stock seat my be good for you. If it is, your set.
    Stock seat is terrible! That rear seat rack made by Dale is interesting, so investing in a comfortseat is a waste when replacing the rear part for the rack.. But when I have the rack I still need to do something to the riders seat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc True View Post
    Sturdy luggage will be necessary. It doesn't have to be expensive, just sturdy. Hard or soft sides will do. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.
    I already have some Givi panniers

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc True View Post
    Tires suited to the riding your doing. Don't stress this too much. They sell tires all over the world.
    That's a good tip, thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc True View Post
    That's all you really need to look at. Don't get caught up in trying to rebuild it into something else. Minor convenience mods are all you need. If your looking at modifying the suspension, you picked the wrong machine.
    That's also a way of looking at it! haha
    The decision depends on the budget ofcourse.

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    I am on a trip around the USA right now and before I left I added luggage. I chose SW-Motech panniers and top box. I got the larger size panniers. It gives me a feeling of security to be able to lock everything up or take the boxes off whenever I need to adjust the chain. As far as off road, I would suggest TKC80 tires which work well for hyway also. The rear tires will wear out twice as fast as the front tire. But they are smooth riding tires even on the hyway. This bike is really not an off-road bike but dirt and gravel roads you will be fine on. Also get a good windscreen it will save you from eating so many bugs. It will also keep you warmer. I chose to go with heated gear which is very easy to add to the bike. Heated grips, jacket and pants. It makes traveling in the cold so much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapturee View Post
    Welcome to the ride Koen, Your NCx is plenty capable for your planned ride IMHO... Pack what you need, pack lite, enjoy the time/ride, take lots of pictures, start a Ride Report so the rest of us can come along and above all else man have some serious FUN!! There are so very many of us fellow NC riders around that if you ever need something while on your trip, we/they'll be all too happy to help or assist you in any way!! And a Hearty Welcome from North IDAHO..!! :{)
    What he said. except the Idaho part....change that to Colorado.

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    Honda NC700x DCT Additions and modifications. Oklahoma Hank. - YouTube

    Some Nederlanders came through my area a couple of years ago, the crew making a round the world trip on an electric motorcycle.
    I live near Route 66 in Oklahoma if you need anything.]

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    Dale’s Rack

    New Member, planning a RTW trip with the NC700X-6f2c6caf-b457-4089-90bd-96b552183301-jpg
    Quote Originally Posted by drdubb View Post
    As to mods'

    Unless you plan on a passenger, Dales rack is very useful. Allows you to not have to unload a duffle to add fuel. This is available in the states and off of this forum. Can bolt rotopax to that for spare fuel, water containers.
    I upgraded my suspension with Cogent Dynamics shock and fork valves.
    Seat...many choices
    Bash plate and crash bars...many choices
    Many other tidbits, but those are my top suggestions.

    This shows the Dales rack in place of the rear seat.

    I have done many mods to my bike and Dale’s rack is the best mod I have made. I have bungee corded 30 pounds of tailbag and a duffle with ease. I love all the holex and the fuel cutout is awezome.
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