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Thread: Best and loud horn for my NC

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    Best and loud horn for my NC

    Hey my friends, Willie here,

    I am new here and this is my first post. My question is, I am looking for advise on a louder horn that fits the same stock location for my NC, as the stock horn is not very satisfactory, actually I can Whistle louder than the horn. Hope for lot's of ideas.

    Thanks for any help Willie.......

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    Hi from a fellow Minnesotan, Willie - I just installed a dual horn setup with Hella Supertones - really happy with the volume and sharp high/low tone that really gets a car's attention - kind of a European sports car tone. I mounted one in the stock location and the other one underneath the right side air scoop cover, as many on this forum have done. Do a search for horn upgrades and you will get a lot of good information.

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    +1 on Hella horns.
    You might need a relay to power the horns.

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