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Thread: Help me (again) where to ride next!

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    Senior Member Help me (again) where to ride next! Afan's Avatar
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    Hm... Lesson learned! Never tell your wife about your beautiful riding plans - she's gonna steal it from you!

    After I showed my wife my Colorado route and places I plan to see - she REALLY liked it so much that she's gonna cancel her plans and now we go together... BY CAR!!!!

    Learn from my mistake, keep your mouth shut!!!!
    Instead million dollars, give me million miles!

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    Senior Member Rapturee's Avatar
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    haha, that'll teach'ya!! :{)
    Fiat Justicia et Peret Mundus = Do the Right thing, Come what May!

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    Senior Member Help me (again) where to ride next!
    Help me (again) where to ride next!
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    Help me (again) where to ride next!-85e10dae-3074-4ac5-b09e-6a14f2f7d9d3-jpg

    Just gotta be firm...

    Iím supposed to respect my elders, but itís getting harder and harder for me to find one now ..

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