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Thread: OEM Honda Center Stand Install

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    I bought my centerstand on Bike Bandit, along with a pair of ratchet straps and used Ed's method to install it on my 2016 DCT. I used a length of old wire I had wound around many times to grab the springs.
    Did not remove the muffler but see how that would have made things easier as it took me a while to get the spring hook (coated with Loctite) into the hole.
    I made a mistake of wrapping the strap around the rear wheel instead of the swing arm, so the biggest issue for me was figuring how to get the wire out of the ratchet strap when it ate it! It wouldn't back out very easily.
    So glad to have the stand on as I couldn't figure a way to jack up the rear tire for chain lubing using either of the 2 paddock stands I have. I couldn't find any holes for sprockets, like on my earlier bike. And the stand that lifts up by the 2 swing arms on my first bike was hitting too much on the right side swing arm. I didn't enjoy my first chain lube without a stand very much!
    Thanks for all who posted videos.

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    Just put mine on a day or two ago as well. (From Honda). Agree having a c-stand is almost critical for many types of service work.

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    I finally did my install today. I followed the instructions regarding removing the muffler bolts. This is really only required if you want to torque the spring hook pin. If I were to do it again I would skip it. Checking the 16 ft/lb torque value with what I would do with without torquing were similar enough so not worth the extra effort in my opinion.

    For inserting the rubber into the stand I skipped the dish soap. I wanted to be able to grip the rubber with my fingers to pull it in. That combined with compressing the back side of the rubber to fit through the hole was very easy.

    I dry fit the shaft stand in the frame first and I think this helped knock of some of the road gunk in the holes. I didn't put the 6mm plug bolt in at this time as I was concerned that I may have to take it apart if I had issues with the springs. I could have put it in right away.

    For the springs I followed the instructions regarding doing the small spring then big combined with ratchet straps. With the small spring I used a lanyard I had left over from a trade show. This worked very well. For the large spring I had trouble getting the tension on the ratchet strap to work in the correct location. I ended up looping the strap around the hook on the spring which worked well.

    In addition to the OP instructions I watched some YouTube videos:
    Honda NC700X center stand/spring instal - YouTube
    Honda NC750X Centre Stand Install - YouTube
    NC700X Centerstand - YouTube

    It was foreign to use the centre for stand the first time. Like anything that is foreign just needed some practice. Put it up an down half a dozen times and now seems relatively easy. To get it up I force my foot mostly down so legs do most of the work with my hands pulling on the frame and grab rail. To get it off I am standing on the clutch side of the bike grabbing the bars. I rock it forward with my right hand feathering the front brake for control.
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    Just installed the centerstand I bought off Laze1 and went with the ratchet strap technique for the springs. Connected it to the back wheel and wrapped some 550 cord around the springs and onto the ratchet hook. A few clicks of the ratchet and I was able to pop the springs in place. Simple! Thanks for all the tips!

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