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Thread: Mirror adjustment

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    Mirror adjustment

    Mirror adjustment-img_20140930_212803-jpg

    In order to remove and reposition the mirror, should I be adjusting the top or the bottom nut. Also, what size wrench would I need. I tried a set of non-metric wrenches, worked on the top nut - it did not budge, and just ended up scratching the paint.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first metric bike, so please bear with me,

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    You can loosen the mirror by pushing the mirror in, toward the rear of the bike. Once the mirror is loose, you can adjust it into place with the two bolts. You don't need any tools to do this. Yes, I did this myself when I brushed up against another mirror in traffic and it then came loose several miles later on the freeway.

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    The spanner you need is metric 12 from memory. Just get an adjustable one to be safe. The bottom nut is part of the casting, it does not move. It's purpose is to give you a location for a second spanner to lock the nut on the top up against the bottom. The top nut is opposite turn to normal. Normal thread tightens left to right or clockwise, the lock nut here tightens counter clockwise. Once you loosen the locknut, the mirror should come undone easily. If you want extra security get yourself some blue or red locktite and put a drop on the mirror shaft and under the locknut.

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    The top nut on the right side mirror is a left hand thread. That's probably why you didn't budge it. The mirror stalk on the throttle side is left hand threaded into an adapter. The adapter is right hand threaded into the brake lever assembly.

    The proper way to adjust the mirror is to back off the top nut, rotate the stalk to where you want it, then re tighten the top lock nut. Just remember the horn button side is righty tighty, while the throttle side is lefty tighty.
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    Excellent info folks , thank you.

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    They are metric 14. I carry a 14 / 17 double end on the bike.]

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    I wouldn't use red locktite, blue loctite should be sufficent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hati View Post
    Just get an adjustable one to be safe.

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