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Thread: Fix DCT “failure” in safe/limp mode

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    Fix DCT “failure” in safe/limp mode

    I’ll try to explain better along with the video. I apologize ahead of time if I over simplify or sound condisending, it’s certainly not my intention.

    In the video you will see the display in safe/limp mode with the last transmission mode selected (in this case S) and the gear display showing “-“.

    I start by hitting the throttle and although you can’t see it or might not notice the bike does go forward (even if bike just rev’s as if in neutral, steps remain the same)

    I then demonstrate that neither the mode selection switch (right hand side) nor the gear paddle shifters (left hand side) have any function. I turn the bike off with the key then back on with the key.

    Once the bike is on you can hear the oil pump (I think) start and the clicking beneath the seat (not sure what this is but mentioned many times in multiple threads)

    I then hold the hand brake and push the start button simulatioisly (I believe the brake interrupts the gear selection signal which would normally prevent the bike from starting in gear)

    Once the bike is started I show me pressing the down paddle shifter (left side) until the transmission manually shifts down through the gears and back into Neutral (you will not see the gears on the gear display because it still reads “-“

    once the green N light comes on the display you can put the kick stand up (won’t work if down) and use the mode selector switch (right side) to put the bike in drive or whatever mode you like.

    I hope this helps :-)

    Honda NC700X DCT Safe/Limp mode fix - YouTube

    Honda NC700X DCT Safe/Limp mode fix - YouTube

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    I think that clicking/thumping when you first turn the key on is the NC trying to shift down back into neutral.
    Fuel pump whine is also heard (any time I turn the key on, that is; I assume it the case here as well).

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