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Thread: How to remove chain lube from a tire?

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    The cardboard sounds like a good idea and as it's been mentioned, most of us have plenty

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    Like 670cc. I always use a big piece of cardboard on the floor and a little one by the chain. In fifty two years of riding I don't think I've ever cleaned a tire.

    A shiny tire would ruin my rep.

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    Dawn dish soap is great for cleanup: Wheels, Tires, Hands, etc. safe on all surfaces and rinses with water.
    I also use it on spills on the concrete. Any oil or fluid gets a dose of dish soap straight from the bottle. Then work it in a bit and let it sit. After the next rain, the driveway is all clean.

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    I don't use spray chain lubes anymore. About every 500-600 miles I take two of those heavy duty blue shop paper towels folded into eighths and spray a good wet spot of WD40 on it then run the chain (by hand) across it a few turns by hand. The WD40 isn't a lubricant it only serves to clean the outer surfaces of the chain and there isn't enough WD40 used to wet the chain and possibly get inside the O-ring seals. O-ring chains have grease sealed inside the chain links. To keep the O-rings supple and conditioned I take a toothbrush and dip in ONCE in 80w90 gear oil and again turn the wheel by hand a few times to spread an even amount of the gear oil on the top of the lower run of the chain. I only do this every 1000-1200 miles depending on the weather I've been riding in. The chain stays clean and the rear wheel stays as clean as my shaft drive bike does.


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    When ever I get a medium size or bigger box delivered I cut off the 4 flaps of cardboard and put them in my bag of bike maintenance stuff. It's got my cleaners, lubricants, chain wax (been using wax only for about 5 years now), tools, gloves, etc. I started doing this because my previous bike had a catalytic converter underneath where it would catch overspray when waxing my chain.
    I still use the cardboard to catch any overspray as I move the chain about 4-5 inches at a time. I would never spray on the chain at the back of the rear sprocket, like I've seen done on some videos. I don't understand that. It seems like not only a waste of wax (lube) but creates more mess to clean up.

    I also tend to give the bike a cleaning before waxing the chain and so I've usually just wiped all the dust off my rear wheel. Last thing I want is to get chain wax on my clean wheel, much less the tire. I guess some aren't as picky?

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