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Thread: Hard to put bike on OEM centerstand....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BerndM View Post
    Here is a very simple and cheap trick.
    This works best in your normal home parking spot.
    Place a piece of 3/4" plywood about 12" x 12" on the floor in the position where your back tire usually rests
    Ride or push the bike into your spot so the back tire is on the plywood.
    Getting it up onto your center stand will now be way easier.
    That's the method I use except I just pull my front tire on it. I don't have a center stand on my NC but I use the plywood piece on my Kawasaki Concours 14.

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    Guys...thanks for all the input. I have found that the piece of wood trick is the best for makes it sooo easy. Thanks to all....

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    That's what I had to use after lowering frame about 1-3/4".

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    I made this crappy video today showing my technique for placing my NC700X on the center stand.


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    Question How to use the center stand.

    Either I'm an idiot or just incredibly weak (I'm starting to believe I'm both), but I haven't been able to figure out how to pull my new (to me) 700x up onto its OEM center stand. I have watched youtube vids, but it still doesn't seem to work for me. I am 6' tall, so I figure I'm certainly not too small to do it easily. My garage floor is just smooth concrete (too smooth?) and the bike slides back without gripping at all, even with most of my weight on the stand's foot. I managed to get it to a seam in the floor to grab the stand's feet so it wouldn't slide, but it was still far from easy to lift.

    If any of you can give me some thoughts on this without laughing too hard at my post, I'd appreciate it!

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    My method with my X is to place both feet of the stand on the floor with the bike upright and balanced on them to begin with. Then holding the left handlebar and the rear left passenger grabrail I put my full weight on the stands foot lever. Lastly I then heave up and slightly to the rear. If this is what You already do then try varying your hand position especially towards the rear.

    Its not unusual for some bikes to get the better of some folks until they get their technique right. Some bikes are a real problem such as KTM's 950 Adventure. Despite purchasing a Touratech grabrail for it I never mastered getting it on the centrestand without the risk of back injury. In the end I could only do it with assistance from my Wife. My former CRF1000L was difficult at first also until I figured it out.
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    My observation is the stand isn't designed well.
    On my Honda Pacific Coast, I only need to press down lightly on the center stand lever,and the bike pops right up with no lifting or pulling required.
    The NC needs all my 190 lbs,plus a good hard lift to get on the stand. The NC is 150 LBS lighter too.
    Poor design we have to live with. A Goldwing is easier to get on the stand than our bikes.
    Don't feel bad, it's not lack of technique, just poor design.

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    I use the same method as Griff, the NC flies up compared to my Goldwing, but both are done the same way.

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    My NC is easier to put on the stand than my GL1800 (2002), but the NC suffers from lack of a low handle to grip the bike with your right hand. The passenger grab bar is a bit high for control, so you have to depend almost entirely on pushing down with your foot
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    If any of you can give me some thoughts on this without laughing too hard at my post, I'd appreciate it

    Is it possible that your new to you 700X could have been lowered by the previous owner? That could make it much more difficult to get up on the center stand.

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