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Thread: Front brake pads advice

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    Question Front brake pads advice

    I am riding my NC700X non abs, non dct for a couple months now and have roughly 4.000 miles of pleasure on her.

    Now I start to see the front pads wear and at this pace another 4k and will need to change.

    As I am in Africa and have little or almost none variety to choose from when it comes to parts, I need to plan the things in advance since I use friends coming from europe and myself when going there.

    Enough said, now to the point.

    I like the origin pads working, and was wondering if you guys can advise me on some other brands/compounds for that item.

    No safety compromisse is accepted.

    Thanks in advance for the inputs.

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    I've always had good luck with EBC pads on my dirt bikes, and plan on using their HH sintered pads on my S when the OEM pads are worn out.
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    Watch out using different brake pads than oem. I yhink I use ebc hh and I have a noise like a fast ticking on it. When I put the old pads on the ticking was not there.

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    Aftermarket pads may or my not improve braking....... Brake pad compromises are performance, wear, noise, brake dust to mention a few........

    An aggressive after market pad can wear the rotor and the rotor is $$$$$.

    OEM can be a good choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by showkey View Post
    OEM can be a good choice.
    +1. I replaced mine a while back, and after a lot of searching and comparing everything out there, I ended up just buying a set of OEM pads.


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    FYI, Brembo now has rotors for the NC. Way cheaper than OEM

    Maņo a mucha honra

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