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Thread: Adjusting the parking brake

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCer View Post
    Bode, if you don't have the shop manual - I will send you the copies of appropriate pages from the manual.

    Or anyone else for that matter...

    Or try this :
    1. NC-Parkingbrake-1_zps4816aa2f.jpg Photo by icing777 | Photobucket

    Hit the "+" in a circle on the bottom right to explode the pics. Could do it a number of times.
    Took less than minute to adjust parking brake at the caliper. You can take off the muffler and disassemble the engine too, but i prefer to loosen one nut, adjust and tighten.

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    I tried supertux's method and it was just as easy as adjusting a clutch's freeplay on a manual bike.

    2 minutes should be plenty of time.
    Except for the rubber dust cover. I tried sliding back on up the cable when I'd adjusted it and the tip folded in on itself about a 1/2 inch. Now it won't cover the threads like it's supposed to.
    Any idea on what tool to use to stick in there to get the tip back out, so it slides over the exposed area?

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    Could you send me the pics of how to adjust parking brake on the nc700x dct. I cant open the ones that was posted

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