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Thread: Radiator Guard?

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    Radiator Guard?

    Wasn't sure of the appropriate place to put this or thread to attach it to, so I'll just ask - I've put on ~11,000 miles in 9 months and never even thought about putting some sort of guard on the front of the radiator to protect it. How necessary it is? How many people out there have actually suffered damage there severe enough to disable the bike? Interested in thoughts on that.

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    More people seem to be making their own than paying $80 or $90. How necessary they are depends on where you ride, I guess. I made my own but am not crazy about it so may buy one off eBay, or wherever. Mine lies flat against the radiator, whereas one or two I've seen sit 1/4" - 1/2" away from it, which I think would offer better protection, if that makes sense.
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    They are cheap compared to the $530 US cost of a radiator and they do occasionally take a rock or piece of road debris.


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    I just went with the front fender extender.keeps the dirt and junk off so good enough for me.

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    The very first day some fins on my radiator were bent after being hit by a stone on my way home after collecting my bike from the dealer. A radiator guard is a must on your NC.

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    The guard is to prevent stones from damaging the radiator fins. From those I saw, I doubt they will do the job cos they are either too close to the radiator, too soft, or have too big holes, and they lessen airflow to and collect debris on the radiator. I also just stick to the front fender extender cos it prevents water spray from the wheel to the radiator, where most of the debris will be picked up from.

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    I've got both the extender which was like $30 maybe and stuck on with high temp
    clear caulking. (Used some left over from installing my pellet stove piping.) It is on
    to stay and no unsightly screw holes.

    I also have the radiator cover by a company in Germany. It seems good quality and
    went on fairly easily in like fifteen minutes. I would say it is good protection and it is
    up to you if you think you need one. The radiator is quite exposed.
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    The other thing I did was spray paint the back of my windshield with Krylon plastic spray,
    matt black. The cheap plexiglass kept getting scratched easily and annoying me.

    Last, I added a Leo Vince slip on exhaust. Easy install and a lot better sound plus a few
    extra horses.

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    Radiator Guard?-p1060037-jpgRadiator Guard?-p1060036-jpg
    I liked the look and quality of the German RAD cover so bought one and am pleased with the result. Fitted a carbon front fender extender too.
    I feel the front is better protected for the years of riding ahead.

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    I made my radiator cover from Home Depot parts for less than $25. (pictures coming as soon as I can get home to make one)

    Steel cover is the same as the small one that covers a BBQ grill.
    Zip ties 3/4" vinyl tubing on the sides that contact the bike so it wouldn't scratch. Zip tied four corners to radiator. (gently)
    The hardest part was cutting the grill down to size.

    Is it needed ?... NO (until a rock hits your radiator anyway)... but at less than $25, it seemed like a good idea.
    I had one very small dent from a rock already, and the cost/performance ratio is good!
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