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Thread: Compressor Recommendations

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    Compressor Recommendations

    Does anyone have any recos for a portable air compressor? I was looking at the Stop & Go. I like how it can plug into my tender wire. Was wondering if anyone has used anything else that they like a lot.


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    I have one from "Slime". It works, I've used it several times now as I had a slow leak for awhile until I got it fixed. So I had to top off my rear tire every few days. I let it go too long a time or two and it over inflated the ire so I had to let some out. That's one problem with these is there is no pressure gauge on the compressor. I too was looking at the "Stop and Go", but it didn't get very good reviews online. The slime on was only slightly better.
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    As JDE, I have a Slime one. Well, it is small, and have enough power. It works

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    Where do you plan on using this compressor? If it is for your everyday compressor I would recommend getting a decent one for the house. When traveling I check my pressure in the morning before getting started and if low find a gas station to air up at. If I need air on the side of the road I figure I've got bigger problems. I carry tire plugs and several co2 cartridges to get me to a place with air
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    I carry a Slime compressor with plugging tools and gummy worms all the time. This compressor has a gauge built in the side of it and several times it has gotten me home as I have had an incredible run of flats on the road the last 3 years or so. Mine is 7 years old. I originally bought the Slime kit that had a bottle of plugging agent and the compressor. I took that bottle out and it made enough room for my tire tools, some fuses, misc. roadside repair items.


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    Compressor Recommendations
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    I also carry a slime compressor and Gummy worm plugs. I haven't used it yet, since I have lager compressors at home.
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    We have a cyclepump that my husband always carries in his saddlebags along with a stop & go plug kit. BestRest Products, LLC Kind of pricey if I remember, have never had to use it on the road yet. Was worth it for peace of mind on long trips though.

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    Compressor Recommendations
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    Most of them have the same or a very similar pump unit inside different housings. I usually scrap the housing to increase portability of the pump. However, it gets hot as rip in operation so don't be touching it while or shortly after it has been running. And I carry CO2 cartridges as plan B.

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    Aerostich ( has a mini compressor part #3500, for $47.00 which has had good reviews from a couple of magazines. It's next on my list of thingies to buy, although it will probably be with their compact tire repair kit with mini compressor item #4750 for $85. Just a thought: I've never read a single thing bad about anything Aerostich offers, only good stuff. I have no personal knowledge of their products but am going to get this mini compressor.

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    Fixed Idea Compressor Recommendations
    Compressor Recommendations
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    I'm a belt and suspender man like Lee. I have always carried both a manual bicycle pump and CO2 cartridges, or a mini 12V compressor and either manual or cartridges. Some combo of two of those three.

    Obviously you can't take that line of reasoning too far, as you'd soon end up with: "spare bike #2" being towed along behind you, lol, but if it's something simple, small, light and cheap, then I really try to squirrel away a "Plan B" backup somewhere in or on the bike, or me. I would kick myself if I was stranded for lack of a $5.00 item I could have put in a pocket or taped to a frame rail, and it was within my powers to effect a trail repair.

    Presently air-wise, that's a few CO2 cartridges and a Slime mini 12V "top up" pump. (and obviously the tire plugs, spare valve core, little cap/remover combo, rasp, applicator, etc.)

    This almost guarantees that I hardly ever need to use them haha, but boy, do you feel all pat yourself on the back smug, the one time you do need to, or can offer help to some other poor sod on the road.

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