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Thread: Bike starter issue

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    Bike starter issue

    Got into an accident in July, and the bike still turned on after, but it took a decent slide. It didnít seem to have more than cosmetic issues. It had bent handle bars and a missing foot peg, so I didnít ride it for a couple months. I left it at my moms place after the accident, had a recent move and picked up more hours while Iím school, so fixing it slipped out of my mind until recently. Last week I replaced the handlebars, but the ignition wouldnít work. The dash turned on and the bike whirred at the turn of the key, but the starter switch didnít make a click or turn the engine.
    I attempted a jump start, charged the battery to 12v, Checked the fuse box and still nothing. Canít find any issue and I donít know what my next step of diagnosis would be.
    Any advice on how to get her running again would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you haven't yet: toggle the cutoff switch off and back to run position. Found it to be sensitive to the point where it looked to be in the run position yet was not fully engaged.

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    Don't count on guesswork what the problem is. You need to work with multimeter and wiring diagram.
    For NC700X starter motor and starter switch circuits are pretty simple.
    First, make sure that right handlebar switch is not damaged. Test engine stop switch and starter switch. Locate handlebar switch 8P (blue) connector. With kill switch in run position and starter switch ON, check voltage on W/Y wire (in) and Y/R wire (out to starter motor magnet relay).

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