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Thread: removing rear plastic - behind rear seat

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    removing rear plastic - behind rear seat

    I need to get the passenger seat hinge out (or at least accessible) so that I can replace the broken part.

    I pulled out the 2 obvious bolts holding the small plastic part behind the passenger seat, and couldn't get it off.

    Suggestions, or an alternative means of access?
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    The small plastic body part on the ‘12-‘15 NC700X, roughly 6”x6”, behind the passenger seat is the one part on the bike that I find extremely difficult to remove by itself. The part locks into the two rear side cowls with tabs and plastic hooks. I firmly believe Honda messed up on the design of these interlocking parts. Often, removing that one rear piece results in breaking some of the tabs off.

    Simply put, it is supposed slide rearward and then upward to separate it from the side cowls. If you put all your might into it, it still may not release.

    Another way to get it off is to remove that tail cover and the two rear side cowls together as one assembly. To do that takes a little more time but is almost guaranteed to work. However, you need to remove the passenger grab rails first in order to do it.
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    I ended up marking around the grab rails with a grease pencil (china marker) and doing a little cutting to get more clearance on the side panels. Then smoothed out with Dremel. Allowed me to re-assemble as one piece after the re-build when I got hit from behind by the tweaker.

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    It's been a while since I have had mine off. If I recall correctly....put your finger nail under the middle of the tail end of the plastic lifting upward while sliding to the rear. If you look in the manual it shows the hooks you are trying to get past. Good luck

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    Like 670cc said its a pain. Getting it back on is just as much a pain. I just take the top and sides off as one unit now its much easier. I did this just yesterday to chain my tail light.

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