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Do the lithium batteries have voltage regulators? My son's lithium in a 2012 failed in a short time. Over voltage kills, right?
I've been running Shorais since 2012 and they've always worked great. I believe the battery I first bought is still in use in a bike I recently sold.
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I put in an Anti-Gravity Lithium, not cheap. Had same problem with hole not lining up. Ended up grinding 2 or 3 mm from bottom of connector, took a couple hours to put in new battery! Contacted Anti-Gravity and they never heard of this problem??? Mine is a 2015 DCT, maybe some connectors are not standard size? It fit the stock battery fine though, the posts on new battery were slightly lower..
The fact that multiple people have had this problem makes me wonder if Honda used a connector with out of spec hole location.