I tipped over while parking and broke my turn signal. Like many people I have broken and taped the light back up before, but this past weekend I tipped over and broke the whole housing apart. Thankfully I happened to have a replacement turn signal that I bought when I first broke it. I was able to pull most of the plastic off and get at the signal, pretty much followed the lazy guide on the forum here. Still took a lot longer than I expected.

Ok so what's the problem Foxtrot? I bought these replacement turn signals. (Whoops smoked versus orange so they don't match ) That's not the bad part though.

Turn Signal Part Identification-s-l1600-jpg

The bad part is that when I pulled off the old turn signal I didn't see the screw that attaches the light to the rubber that then gets attached to the bike.

Turn Signal Part Identification-assembly2-jpg

I circled it here. I basically twisted it off and then saw the screw.

I took some metal from an old wiper insert, some zip ties, and duct tape and got it rigged up for now. I would like to get it mounted properly though.

Do I have to buy the whole assembly? I think part #8 is the grommet / mount that is in the fairing and that is in good shape.

Thanks for any pointers. Hope the microfiche is ok I didn't take a picture of the part I destroyed or the light before I taped it all up.

Here's a link to the full diagram / part numbers 2013 Honda NC700X Parts - Best OEM Parts Diagram for 2013 Honda NC700X