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Thread: What's in your tool kit?

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    What's in your tool kit?

    Have you put together just the right set of tools to carry on your bike? I'm thinking about upgrading or replacing the stock tool kit. I've added a few things including a tire plug kit and a compact air compressor. But I imagine some of you have already worked out a really good kit.
    A list of specific items would be great. Where did you get those special gems? What kind of container do you use? Where do you store it? Or would you recommend a packaged kit from a particular supplier?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Two wheels and keels

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    Industrial zip ties and gorilla tape - to hold busted pieces together until you can get to a shop.
    A leatherman-style multi tool.
    Tools for the front and rear axle to remove the wheels if needed.

    Thatís about it for me (in addition to the tire plug kit and compressor). Anything more complicated and I call Good Sam.

    This is all in my right saddlebag along with a first aid kit.

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