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I also HATED the JT chain I had on the NCX. I didn't hate the JT sprocket that much, but I can sympathize with _not_ using JT.
I've been happy with Honda sprockets.
I have a set of Superlites (which I think is still an AFAM name, isn't it?) on the way now, along with a new chain. I'll be happy to report on it once it's here and on, but that doesn't help you with ordering now.
Yep, I tried a JT chain and never again, got 4000 miles and it kinked in multiple places..also did a DID chain, it lasted 9,000 miles.. Now on a EK chain, 5000+ miles and looking good so far...also switched to lucas chain lube for this one...and only a light cleaning with toothbrush and water (with dawn dish soap)...