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Thread: Rear Wheel Squeak (Random)

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    Rear Wheel Squeak (Random)

    Moved the bike out of its winter corner in the garage today and heard some random squeaking while rolling the bike around. I put the bike back on the center stand and spun the rear wheel. I determined the noise is mostly repeatable at slow speed in either direct. Faster revolutions don't seem to cause an issue. This noise was not present when I put the bike away in Fall. It is also intermittent and not constant. The bearing came to mind first but there is zero play side-to-side or front-to-back. I bought the bike from a dealer just before winter came along and they had it in inventory for a few months, so its only had a couple hundred road miles in the last 12 months.

    I'm clueless as to the source/cause of the noise but want to rectify it before I take it riding. My next thought is to remove the brake pads and see if the sound persists. Is this logical? If the issues isn't the brake pads, I'm hoping the axle just needs some new grease.

    Any tips would be very appreciated!

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    Rear Wheel Squeak (Random)
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    Most likely a little surface corrosion on a rotor from sitting. Probably nothing at all to worry about - just ride it. If it persists or gets worse, it could be a sticking caliper or a brake pad that is glazed.

    That’s my best guess off the top of my head. A lot depends on the general condition, miles, etc. and how it was stored.

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    Agreed. Most likely the brake. Ride it and monitor it, but don’t be too concerned right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 670cc View Post
    Agreed. Most likely the brake. Ride it and monitor it, but donít be too concerned right now.

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    Try lubing the chain and see if it still there.

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    Check fot tight links on the chain or rust spots developed after sitting in humidity.

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