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Thread: Which Chain Cleaner is Best? Comparison Test

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    Senior Member Which Chain Cleaner is Best? Comparison Test afan's Avatar
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    Which Chain Cleaner is Best? Comparison Test

    Instead million dollars, give me million miles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by afan View Post
    I watched that earlier; Ryan does some good videos. And with my new chain and sprockets today perhaps I won't use the cleaner I still have ... did not do so well in his tests!

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    Super Moderator Which Chain Cleaner is Best? Comparison Test 670cc's Avatar
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    I'm surprised I watched (most of) it because I hate time consuming videos, in general. I get about 17,000 miles out of an NC chain. I might quickly clean it 2, maybe 3 times during it's whole life. The real story behind chain cleaners is don't overlube your chain with gunky lubricants and you will rarely need a cleaner. I have better things to do with my motorcycle than mess with it's archaic, high maintenance final drive system.

    Edit to add:
    I refuse to buy a costly commercial chain cleaner, and since I can't be in the same room with Simple Green due to it's odor, it's WD-40 or kerosene as a cleaner for me. I prefer kerosene, as it's basically a light oil. WD-40 scares me a little. I know of certain plastics that WD-40 will destroy, so I use it on chains with caution, although I have no evidence that it's harmful to chain o-rings.
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    Like his tire reviews, another waste of time. There is no methodology here, it's all junk science. How do you know your chain with what you have on it, bears any resemblance to his old grimy chain? And how does the way you maintain your chain now affect how the featured products would work on it? You don't.


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    Agree that you should not over lube! What am I missing here? Use a solvent to remove, scrub off lube, then re-lube?

    A good brushing to get the grit off, then a wipe off, and light lube; good to go. I’ve done it three times in the last two years. My chain doesn’t look like it’s suffered for it.

    On edit: I’ve always been more stringent with chain tension than lubricant, and that seems to affect chain/sprocket life more so.
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    Which Chain Cleaner is Best? Comparison Test

    Iíve used the thick sticky stuff before. Iíve also used the clear chain wax. What a pain. They were a mess to clean too. Had to use kerosene and a brush.
    I now use Liquid Wrench Chain and Cable lube. Spray a little on the chain every other tank. Chain stays lubed and fairly clean.
    If the chain is dirty, I spray on a little extra, let it sit a minute and wipe it down. The carrier in the spray works great as itís own solvent/cleaner.
    When lubricating the chain, you do need to let it sit for a while after application so all the carriers can evaporate off. Whatís left is a thin coat of lube. If you ride right away, some will fling off when you ride.
    This stuff is pretty cheap and a can goes a long way. I pick it up on sale or use a 20% off coupon at Harbor Freight.

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    As far as I am concerned the best chain cleaner is none at all. My thing is to lube frequently and let centrifugal force do the rest.
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    Commuter Extraordinaire Which Chain Cleaner is Best? Comparison Test
    Which Chain Cleaner is Best? Comparison Test
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    I remember a couple years ago I read a comment by 670cc about how people tend to over lubricate their chains. I think it was 670cc. Anyway, at that time, I was oiling my chain about every 3rd tank of fuel. Lets say that is around 500ish miles. After reading that comment, I loosened up my oiling routine to something closer to every 5th or 6th tank which puts me at approx 1000 miles. My chains ended up lasting longer with that routine. I personally like the MOTUL chain oil because it slings around less.

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    I too use the Liquid Wrench Chain lube and like it. Nothing against any of the others, i just like LWCL. I also give mine a quick spray down about every 2-3 tank and again if i am doing a special mileage test. The sun was out at my place today, "Yipee Zip Skippy", come on SPRING!! It is officially time for me chip/shovel the ice away from the NC and get it out this week i think!! :{)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dduelin View Post
    Like his tire reviews, another waste of time. There is no methodology here
    I don't much care for his vids in terms of content or utility, either.

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