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Thread: ABS warning light ...

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    ABS warning light ...

    Good afternoon,

    Been wondering if anybody can help.

    Gave the bike (NC700X, 2012) a wash today.
    Nothing fancy (no pressure washer, etc.), just hosed it down, sprayed with MucOff, cleaned with sponge and rinsed it off with a hose again.
    Ever since then the ABS warning light stayed on. Took both sensors off, cleaned them, put them back on ... still on after 6 mph.
    Cleaned the rear and front pulser ring ... still won't go off once I go past 6 mph.

    Anybody any idea what the problem is?


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    HI, did you get this figured out? The 2012 ABS system has a diagnostic mode that can be initiated by shorting the DLC terminal above the battery. Take a minute to read up on it. You can then count the flashes and look up the corresponding code.


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