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Thread: Best Way To Untwist some Twisted Forks

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    Then again in the days of dirt poor, unsponsored Moto cross, between races you would loosen up the pinch bolts, have a buddy clamp the wheel between his legs and you would yank on the bars.

    I'm not saying you should do this. Just sayin' it's been done. Remember I go back to the days of extended front end choppers built with slugs that sometimes would snap off on a big pothole. Now that is exciting.

    Personally I'm surprised I made to geezerhood.

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    To close the loop on this one. The forks when you got up on them you could tell were screwed. The insurance guy valued the bike high enough that I didn't loose any money on it. I've got a 2013 NC700x now so we'll see where the wind takes me next and what my rates jump too when I renew in October! :-)

    The takeaways I got from this experience were.

    1. If you're fatigued technically challenging routes are going to be extra difficult. Don't ride above your skill level.
    2. Look through the turn you're in not through the next turn.
    3. Be honest with yourself about your skill level!
    4. The forks and front suspension are much more complex than you may think.

    Thank you very much to everyone who provided feedback and guidance on potential repairs.
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