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Thread: Tool tube installation

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    I think he's looking for mounts rather than bottles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapturee View Post
    lots of creative places to place things on the NC's.. Although my tools are in a pouch in the Frunk, the MSR fuel bottle holders also fit my tool tube(s). :{)

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    Looks great! Thanks for sharing pictures. Did you get velcro straps and do this mount yourself? Does the velcro hold up on bumpy roads?

    I am thinking I will mount tooltube on one side and a fuel bottle on the other.

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    Hey Muff, when i purchased the bottles from another NC owner over in Spokane Wa, he already had the ballistic nylon and velcro type mounts/holders, so they came with them. I have checked and there are no tags or stickers on them to tell who made them or where he originally purchased them. :{)
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    Tool tube installation
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    I mounted mine inboard of the racks for the Givi side boxes so they are nearly invisible with the boxes in place. For a while I used one to carry a fuel canister then got over my paranoia of the smallish fuel tank so the canister is no longer with me on rides.

    Tool tube installation-10-tool-tube-mounted-jpg

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    Lightbulb Eureka!

    Motorcycle Tool Tubes / Gloves Put Box / Waterproof Raincoat Without locker 7177064575577 | eBay

    Figured it out; bought one of these tool tubes, but with the Honda luggage there's no way to fit it within the bike - as others in this thread have done with their Givi luggage racks. However, with a heat gun, you can melt and bend the plastic. Now all I need is to drill four holes, get four nuts bolts and washers and - with a bit of silicone to ensure water tightness - I'll be able to mount this to the bottom of the left pannier tomorrow. It's still higher on the bike than the exhaust, so I don't think I'll be giving myself any headaches with leaning into corners.

    Tool tube installation-tooltuberemodel-01-jpg
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    All done; 20mm M6 bolts with nylon locking nuts and washers. The side pannier still opens okay and it's nice and secure:

    Tool tube installation-tooltuberemodel-02-jpg

    The bike now looks like this from the side and from the back - I mounted it far back like this so as to ensure that my wife as pillion still has somewhere to put her foot and leg:

    Tool tube installation-tooltuberemodel-03-jpg

    Only downside; you can't take the pannier off and rest it on its base so readily now (somewhat more of a rounded bottom and all!). I'm going to think about that; perhaps I can fashion a couple of L brackets to mount to the bottom - which can allow extra items to be tied to the side of the tool tube and give a flat surface to be able to stand the pannier when off the bike.
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