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I agree that the Honda clips are overpriced. Let us know if the alternate fasteners work better!
Ok, everything is back together and in the right place. The mystery nut clip did attach at the front with the Phillips head screw. Thanks to Ackme for the nut clip info and Agent for his videos.

As far as the 1/4" Wheel Opening Retainers GM 21077123 by Clipsandfasteners, Inc., I got from Amazon (see pic, below) they worked fine with two caveats. First, they are a little longer than the OEM clips, so there might be a location they wouldn't work. Second, I wouldn't want to use them in a hard-to-reach place since to remove them you might have to pry the pusher up with a flat blade screwdriver if a pair of needle nose pliers couldn't grab it. Question about left side panel fasteners on '12 NC700X-clips-jpg