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Thread: Galfer Rear Brake Pad Fitment Issue

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    Galfer Rear Brake Pad Fitment Issue

    I was at Cycle Gear yesterday for a new rear tire and picked up a set of Galfer rear brake pads. Previously have used OEM, but this was too convenient to pass up. Galfer lists (2) part numbers for rear brake pads #FD134G1054 (Semi-metallic) and #FD134G1371 (sintered). I went to install them today but no joy. There is a subtle geometric difference between these and the OEM pads that prevents them from properly seating in the caliper.

    This is just FYI since their website and store catalog lists them is compatible, but I am finding different.
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    Following up with a little more info on this. After sifting through the brake parts catalogs I found that there are different rear pads for ABS and non-ABS models. Galfer #FD103 series matches up with the OEM rear pad I have and is listed for use with the 2012 NC700X in the applications/compatibility table on page 14. Part #FD134 is listed for models with ABS on p. 18.

    Cycle Gear Rear Brake aftermarket options:
    W/O ABS: Galfer #FD103 series or EBC #F140 series
    With ABS: Galfer #FD134 series or EBC #FA174 series

    Bedtime reading: (Both catalogs include full scale outlines of the pad size/shape and application info)
    Galfer Brake Parts Catalog
    EBC Brake Parts Catalog

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    I had the same issue. I need the pads with the cutout. I bought them from the dealer. They were good about swapping me the parts with their apologies.

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    I had the same problem. I went to CycleGear and selected the non-ABS 700x in the brake pad selector kiosk and it said I needed the Galfer FD134 pads. It says the same for both ABS and non-ABS 700x bikes. From what I can tell, just about any online pad selector does that.

    Anyway, I bought the FD134 pads and managed to get them into the caliper, but it was a bear and they didn't seat right. After a ride, I could tell they were dragging and knew something was wrong. My search brought me to this post. Luckily, I was able to get some EBC FA140HH sintered pads from the local Honda dealership and they fit perfectly. It's really astounding how simple it is to change these pads when you have the right part. It can easily be done in 5 minutes or less.

    So, thank you for the info. I wish there was some way to get all of these pad selectors updated to reflect the correct part for our bikes.

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