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Thread: I think my chain is shot

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    I think my chain is shot

    Coming home from work yesterday i could hear my chain doing a little popping. got home and put some wd40 on it and went around it a few times with a toothbrush. after that i was going to adjust it and re-lube it. i have about 13700miles on it and its a 700x manual 2014 that i got new from a dealer the first of 2017. i have always rode it hard and put it up wet more than a few times, its only been down a gravel road one time and only for a few miles. i have tried to keep it lubed and on the loose end of the adjustment range. well i got it clean and got my ruler and tightened it a little then tightened my axle nut and rechecked the chain. i went to spray on the lube and as i rotated the tire it got bad tight, so tight you could only get about a half inch play in the chain. i rotated it some more and it got back to the right adjustment but half way around the back sprocket it made the popping sound. as i was rotating the tire and watching the chain going around the back side of the sprocket i could see the chain coming up out of the sprocket teeth, it looks like it rides up out of the groove about a 1/16. my sprockets look good almost new but it looks as if my chain is stretched, it still has all the o-rings and more adjustment but i'm sure the chain is toast. after pricing a new chain at the honda dealer where i bought it i went ahead an ordered a new one online from revzilla, saved $65 from what the dealer was trying to rip me for.

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    Yep. Time for a new chain. Sounds like you did everything right, ‘cept if it was me I’d skip the toothbrush part.

    The last chain I had was gone at 17,000 miles, but it was popping and banging something awful by then.
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    I've heard chains in those models not lasting very long. I replaced mine at 10k miles ahead of a 6500 mile trip. Didn't want to have something else to worry with.
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    Ditto, good job catching it now! Always do the maintenance and control the cost when you can. Otherwise on the road, who knows what'll end up happening and what that'll cost!! :{)
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    When checking the slack I check it at four spots to get a good average. Helps me identify if I have a bad link. Usually rotate the tire based on the valve stem. 12 o'clock 3 , 6, 9

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    Yep, you got a tight link somewhere (all it takes is one to start that tightening thing you described). Time for new chain.

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    27,000 miles from last chain; hoping for 30K miles out of the VX2.

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