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Thread: Bike won't start - Display dead, no activity

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    if the battery is too low to spin the starter, it wont generate a back-emf, and will draw a sustained high current - and blow the fuse. Not the starters fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAmster View Post
    Did you ever discover the solution to this problem. I am having the same symptoms - display dead when ignition key turned to on position and bike won't start. Checked the battery (12.1 volts) in place and also disconnected. The main fuse (30 A) is good. All the fuses in the fuse box are good. The starter relay clicks when 12 V are applied (and goes to zero resistance between the switch leads). I suspect that the ignition switch is bad, but can't find any information on line on testing it or replacing it. Saw your post and wondered if you have an easy solution to this problem.
    never had this on a bike. however had it myself and helped others ......
    lights, radio works on your car. You just drove it to the store, and 5 min later you come out and starter wont turn.
    Yet radio is playing,
    Very often this is filthy and or corroded battery terminals. Low current loads drop small voltage at dirty terminal. Heaver loads, eg starter draw larger load, and have a larger voltage drop at the terminal, leaving not enough voltage to the starter. Clean terminals - and like magic, its all good.
    Same for loose terminals.

    So thats the first thing Id check - if all the usuals like side stand and kill switch are good.

    In the rarer percent of problems, starter relay, starter .... etc ...

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