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Thread: Loud ticking sound from Engine area

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    maybe so,
    btw, I am shooting the video on a Samsung S8.
    FWIW, what I hear in real world is comparable to the video.
    It sounds more accurate on my desktop computer (with better speakers) vs my cellphone.

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    1. check for an exhaust leak around the engine.
    2. If no leak, perform the valves check or have it done
    3. All the videos except the last one sounds normal for the engine-the last one, it is a little loud but sounds more like an exhaust leak at the engine (in my opinion).

    Find someone else in your area, do a meetup and compare the bikes for engine sounds....

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    thanks for the feedback,

    looking up on how to check for exhaust leaks....

    How to test for an exhaust leak! 100% verification! - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by happy View Post
    Calm one is saying the NC700x is not reliable and that my broken unit was the "norm".

    No need to insult the bike I bought and ride now.

    I am only sharing my story and that certainly brought out some people's sword and daggers..

    Stay calm and ride your Honda. That was my message (in case you read it in another way).

    Which you did, Dave.

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    It wasn't just this one post Joe. You have posted many times in this forum that you lost trust in your Honda due to a mechanical defect. From my point of view it then logically makes little sense to go to a brand that objectively has a greater chance of defect or expensive repair.

    Motorcycles have little to do with the rational however and when emotion comes into play to justify buy decisions anything can make sense.


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