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Thread: The PGM-FI "malfunction indicator lamp"

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    The PGM-FI "malfunction indicator lamp"

    On yesterday's Skyline Drive ride (I posted a brief report in the "What Did You Do Today" thread), when I fired up the 2014 NC after a lunch stop this warning light did not go out. After riding around the parking area a little it stayed on, so I parked it again to look more closely. Wiggling the parked machine from side to side made the light flicker on and off. I dug the Owner's Manual out of the frunk and it mentioned the kill switch (The light "comes on when the ignition switch is turned on with the engine stop switch in the Off position." p. 32). With the ignition on but the motor not running, I "killed" it (Off position) and then returned the switch to the run position. No more warning light!

    I rode about 100 miles before stopping at a rest area, and again the light stayed on when I started the bike. But again, after turning the "engine stop switch" to off, then to on, the PGM light stayed off. When I stopped to refuel an hour or so later, the PGM warning light did not stay on after the motor was restarted.

    Any experiences with this? There is a dire warning on p. 111 "If the indicator comes on while riding..." about a problem with the fuel-injection system, but that's not what happened in my case.

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    Yes when the light is on the FI system is having a problem.
    First DIY check is to be absolutely sure the battery leads are tight.

    First ride of the year ? How old is the battery and is it in good state of charge ? NC do not like low or poor battery condition.

    When the light was on...........did everything ( like the tach and speedo) work ?
    Any recent work on the bike where body work removed or wiring or modifications or accessories added ?

    Any time the light stays on the code is stored. There are about 20 codes possible.
    The shop manual has the procedure for reading the code and list of possible codes.
    A dealer can read the code if it’s current or in history.

    This is link to pulling codes it. The service check connector special tool is a loop wire connecting the two terminals in the test connector.

    Honda SCS Service Connector

    If the code if current ( active happening now) .......leaving the bike running, put it neutral and side stand down the check engine light will flash the code sequence. The link above explains counting the flashes to get the code.

    Could be just a loose wire or connection. One that is common is the gauge cluster losing communication with the FI System.
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