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Thread: Brake Pads

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    Brake Pads

    I was replacing my rear brake pads and noticed the stock pads had some clips/shims on the back of them. I don't see them mentioned in the service manual. Are these items required? New pads on top with old on the bottom.

    Brake Pads-p1030821-jpg

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    In this parts list for the rear caliper: 2013 Honda NC700X AC REAR BRAKE CALIPER | CyclePartsNation , it appears that the shims are included with a set of Honda pads. Shims are generally used to cut down on brake squeal. I would clean up the original shims and put them on the back of the new pads.

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    Yes, they are an engineered part of the brake system. Aftermarket pads should reuse the OEM backing plate if the pads don’t come with them.


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    Brake Pads
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    What he said. I took photos of their position prior to taking off my brake pads to ensure they were transferred correctly.

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    I was replacing my pads using some EBC pads and doing a little research and found this thread and came up with a question regarding the little documented shims. When I pulled the rear pads they did not have the shim. I can easily believe that I did not pull them off the old ones when I replaced the pads about about 2 years ago. However, looking at the EBC catalog @SaturdayMorning posted in this thread:
    Galfer Rear Brake Pad Fitment Issue

    It looks like the clips are only mentioned on the front pads and not the rear:
    Brake Pads-ebc-front-pads-jpg

    Brake Pads-ebc-rear-pads-jpg

    As b_rubenstein points out the parts fiche picures seem to indicate the shim is present on both the front and rear. Does anyone know for certain the shims are OEM on both front and rear? If I bought the OEM pads do they come with the shims?


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