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Thread: DCT Filter Removal Tool

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    DCT Filter Removal Tool

    I have found the little DCT filter a little difficult to remove. The temptation is to take a couple of small screwdrivers 180 degrees apart to catch the edges of it and pry it out but I did not want to risk damaging the machined edge of the filter housing.

    I took a piece of wire from the handle of Chinese take-out container and bent it to suit the task. The quarter is in the photo for a scale size reference. The tool slips in the small gap between the filter and housing and when turned a little the hook end catches the inner edge of the filter to pull it out.



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    Good thinking.
    I've had mine off only once but remember it is a cramped area at the filter.
    I have a Craftsman 'booger hook' that may also serve as a good pry tool.

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    I like the hook idea.
    Last time I used my magnetic drain plug to get the filter out.

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    Every toolbox should have this pick set. I find myself using them regularly. Must have.
    DCT Filter Removal Tool-1-jpg

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    Small magnet is the easiest method and you might have one laying around already. Mine is on the end of a telescoping rod about 20 inches long when extended and about 4 inches long collapased. About $6 or so. Get one with a strong magnet, otherwise you will have to get a neighborhood kid to give you the magnet out of his old hard drive ;-)

    No danger of nicking the bore using the magnet and you can use it to finally fish out those screws you dropped somewhere in the innards of the bike. One of the most go to tools in my box and has saved many a screw from disappearing.
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